St. John’s Wort Oil [Organic]

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Wild As The Wind St. John’s Wort Oil is a 20% infusion in a Sunflower Oil base.

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Organic St. John’s Wort Oil

Wild As The Wind Organic St. John’s Wort Oil is made using a cold pressed Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, which is then infused with Organic St. John’s Wort flowers.

It is one of two infused oils recommended for use with another important Wild As The Wind product: Ease Essential Oil Blend.

I couldn’t wait to try the new Ease Essential Oil [Blend]. I have osteoarthritis in my hip & a hypersensitive nerve issue which causes extreme pain in my back, hip & knee… caused after an op… It has given me pain like I’ve never experienced before and battling with it for over a year. The Ease Oil combined with organic St Johns wort has greatly relieved my day to day pain. It truly works its magic, enabling me to be more mobile during the day & sleep better at night. Highly recommend.

Susan, Sacriston, Durham.

The other infused oil recommended is Organic Arnica Oil.

What Is Organic St. John’s Wort Oil Used For?

Organic St. John’s Wort Oil is a popular remedial oil used for a number of healing purposes in Eastern Europe, particularly in the Balkan region. It is variously used to treat myalgia, neuralgia, minor wounds and burns (including sunburn), as well as abrasions, bruises, contusions, ulcers etc…

It is thought to be exceptional for conditions such as sciatica, and for this reason it is used as the base oil in Wild As The Wind Frankincense & St. John’s Wort Preparation.

It is also the ‘first choice’ recommendation for use with Wild As The Wind Ease Essential Oil Blend, which possesses considerable anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

In addition, Organic St. John’s Wort Oil exerts profound wound healing potential, according to this scientific paper, published on the NIH, government website:
Wound-Healing Potential of Oil of Hypercium perforatum in Excision Wounds of Male Sprague Dawley Rats

And this scientific paper on PubMed, another governmental medical portal:
Topical Hypericum perforatum Improves Tissue Regeneration in Full-Thickness Excisional Wounds in Diabetic Rat Model

Organic St. John’s Wort Oil Is A Macerated Oil

Macerated oils, are also called infusion oils or infused oils. These terms are used to describe all of the carrier oils which are used to extract therapeutic properties from a single plant or group of plants.

The carrier oils commonly used are Organic Olive Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil and sometimes Organic Almond (Sweet) Oil.

Organic Sunflower Oil is lighter than Organic Olive Oil and is more neutral aromatically. As it is more affordable than Organic Sweet Almond Oil, it is the ideal choice to make an effective macerated oil.

The Making Of Organic St. John’s Wort Oil

Organic St. John’s Wort flowers are steeped in the Organic Sunflower Oil until they deliver all of their healing constituents into the Organic Sunflower Oil. This process is called maceration.

When the process is complete, the concentration of the infusion of Organic St. John’s Wort is at 20%.

Organic St. John’s Wort Oil Contraindications

Organic St John’s Wort is contraindicated for people taking certain prescription drugs. This is because Organic St John’s Wort can adversely affect the efficacy of certain prescription drugs. Read the list.

Organic St John’s Wort Oil is particularly contra-indicated for those who are taking strong medications prescribed for chronic conditions, such as methotrexate.

The most common prescription drugs for which Organic St John’s Wort is contraindicated are; methotrexate, indinavir, cyclosporin as well as anti-depressants known collectively as SSRI’s.

Those on warfarin also may have issues.

IMPORTANT :: It is vitally important for you to check the contraindications listed on your medication fact sheets and instructions before buying and using this product.

How To Use Organic St. John’s Wort Oil

Apply a few drops of Organic St. John’s Wort Oil as a salve to the part of your body which needs it. Hopefully the relief this oil provides will be considerable. Reapply when needed, up to 5 times a day.

For external use only.

  • No known side effects when used as directed.
  • Avoid contact with clothing as staining may occur with regular contact.

Please read Cautions & Contraindications, and learn how to perform a patch test, below before use.

As with Frankincense & St. John’s Wort Preparation, Organic St. John’s Wort Oil can be used as a base oil when blending essential oils. Please see blending suggestions below.

Learn how to dilute essential oils here: How To Use Essential Oils.

Wild As The Wind Organic St. John’s Wort Oil

Wild As The Wind Organic St. John’s Wort Oil is a premium grade cosmetic oil.

It is not suitable for internal consumption.

INCI: Organic Hypericum (St Johns Wort) Oil Infused

Organic Trauma Oil

One of the first blends aromatherapists learn how to make is Trauma Oil. This is a simple blend of three carrier oils, Organic Arnica Oil, Organic Calendula Oil and St. John’s Wort Oil. These macerated oils should be blended together in equal quantity to make Trauma Oil, as follows.

Trauma Oil has many uses and is a great addition to your home first aid kit. It is variously applied to the following physical traumas:

  • Wounds
  • Breaks
  • Sprains
  • Bruises
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Injury sites after surgery

It is also helpful for rashes, insect bites and other itchy and painful skin conditions.

Trauma Oil & Essential Oils

Trauma Oil can also be used as a carrier oil base when blending essential oils.

For example, when using Trauma Oil for wounds and other injuries, as well as rashes, eczema and acne etc, consider adding essential oils to help speed up the healing potential.

The following essential oils are ideal for wound and scar healing:

There are several essential oils which will help to stop bleeding when someone is initially injured. The following three essential oils are the most commonly used aromatherapy oils to help stop bleeding.

Wild as The Wind also supply Organic versions of these essential oils, as well as a Wildcrafted Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil and Wildcrafted Organic Yarrow Essential Oil

*Certain essential oils are not suitable for young children or pregnant and breastfeeding women. Please consult How To Use Essential Oils for more information.

Scar Reduction

Keep healing wounds out of direct sunlight to avoid the darkening of scar tissue.

Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil is particularly proficient at taking colour out of scars.

Bath & Body Oil No. 8 is also excellent for reducing the appearance of blemishes and scars.

FACIAL OIL No. 2 and FACIAL OIL No. 8, which both contain Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil, have both proven to be excellent at reducing the appearance of scars.

Learn more about blending carrier oils with essential oils here: How To Use Essential Oils

Cautions & Contraindications

If you have sensitive skin, or if you do a lot of sun bathing, there’s a very remote chance you may have a slight reaction to this Wild As The Wind oil.

It is always advisable to perform a patch test on the soft skin on the inside of your forearm before using carrier oils on your face.

Perform A Patch Test

Place a drop or two of Wild As The Wind oil on your inner forearm, making sure to massage it well into your skin.

A severe reaction will occur within ten minutes, but it may take 24 hours for milder intolerances to emerge.

Look for signs of Urticaria, (aka Hives), discolouration, redness, dryness, or feelings of irritation / itchiness.

If you experience none of these, you will be safe to use your Wild As The Wind oil elsewhere on your body, including your face.

Nevertheless, always avoid sensitive areas and inside your ears unless otherwise instructed by your health professional. This is especially important if you use your Wild As The Wind oil as a carrier oil for a number of Organic Essential Oils.

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils are premium quality, therapeutic grade carrier oils which are perfect for aromatherapy.

All of the Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils are cold pressed to retain an optimal nutrient density of each carrier oil.

Professional therapists use Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils and Organic Essential Oils, including Osteopaths and Massage Therapists.

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils are also used domestically, for the creation of bath and body oils, as well as bases for home remedies.

*Body oils are also known as massage oils.

Certain Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils are used for hair and beard oils.

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils Are Suitable For:

  • Making body & bath oils (1% dilution of Organic Essential Oils)
  • Using in your household first aid kit (average 2% dilution of Organic Essential Oils)
  • Used to make face oils (2% dilution of Organic Essential Oils)
  • Certain Organic Carrier Oils can be used on their own for wound healing and scar healing
  • Many Organic Carrier Oils have a natural SPF value

Please refer to How To Use Essential Oils for the correct dilutions of essential oils and carrier oils.

Wild As The Wind Customer Ratings:

Etsy: 5 stars Facebook: 5 stars Google: 4.9 stars

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oil Availability

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils are available in the UK.

Wild As The Wind Customer Guarantees

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils are cruelty-free & vegan friendly. They are also some of the purest, most bio-active Organic Carrier Oils in the world.

Wild As The Wind carries a Wildcrafted Organic Rosehip Seed Oil also.

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils Packaging

Bristol Green Capital Partnership Member LogoWild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils are bottled in an amber glass bottle with an aluminium lid.

Wild As The Wind is a member of Bristol Green Partnership & is committed to reducing the use of plastics in skincare & cosmetics.

Wild As The Wind Ethics

Cruelty Free Logo

Wild As The Wind products are suitable for everyone, including Vegetarians & Vegans.

Wild As The Wind products do not contain any animal products & have not been tested on animals. Only premium quality ingredients are used, with a preference for Organic Essential Oils & Organic Carrier Oils wherever possible.


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  1. Eleanor (verified owner)

    My son recently had an accident and his finger nail was ripped off. His nail bed and end of his finger was a real mess. We have been using the St. John’s Wort oil with Calendula oil, Arnica oil and a little of the Thieves Comprehensive Essential Oil. This has made an amazing wound healing mix and has helped immensely.

    • Rachel Wild

      Hi Eleanor, I am so pleased this combination of oils has worked so well. And, hopefully the injury was a lot less painful with these oils also. x x x

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