Geranium Essential Oil

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Wild As The Wind Geranium Essential Oil is a premium quality aromatherapy oil, suitable for therapeutic purposes.

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Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil is considered one of the most important aromatherapy oils for female health. But, Geranium Essential Oil has many uses, and has been used traditionally to treat many conditions.

It is also prized for its sweet floral aromatic qualities, and its similarity to Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Some people say it smells like Turkish Delight.

It is also very aromatically similar to Geranium Rose Essential Oil.

Wild As the Wind also stock organic versions of these oils:

Geranium Essential Oil Health Benefits

Geranium Essential Oil health benefits are thought to include: Antianxiety + anti-acne + antibacterial + anti-depressant + antifungal + anti-inflammatory + antimicrobial + anti-neuro-inflammatory + antioxidant + antiseptic + anti-spasmodic + antiviral + aphrodisiac + astringent + cicatrisant (wound healing / formation of a cicatrix) + deodorant + diuretic + sedative + tonic + vermifuge (kills intestinal worms)

Please consult the Glossary Of Terms for further insights.

Geranium Essential Oil Traditional Health Benefits

Geranium Essential Oil traditional health benefits are thought to include:

  • Female Reproductive Disorders
  • Menstrual problems: Cramps + premenstrual syndrome (PMS) + anxiety
  • Infertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Menopausal Symptom
  • Immune support
  • Circulatory Disorders
  • Reynaud’s Disease
  • Neuralgia
  • Varicose Veins
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Urinary & Liver Tonic
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Fatigue
  • Stress-related Conditions
  • Ulcers
  • Head Lice
  • Ringworm
  • Insect repellent

Geranium Essential Oil For Skincare

Geranium Essential Oil is a very important aromatherapy oil for skincare purposes. Its benefits include:

  • Soothing + smoothing
  • Sebum Balancing
  • Reduces oily skin
  • Astringent
  • Inflammatory Skin Disorders: acne + eczema + psoriasis
  • Wound & scar healing
  • Reducing redness
  • Reducing itchiness
  • Cell regeneration
  • Bruises
  • Burns
  • Dermatitis
  • Ringworm
  • Tick repellent

Geranium Essential Oil Energetic Properties

Geranium Essential Oil is derived from a profoundly rigorous and robust plant: Pelargonium graveolens.

The hardiness of Pelargonium imbues the aromatherapy oil will an energy of great resilience and resourcefulness.

The Pelargonium graveolens plant is incredibly adaptable and self-protective. It shows great character, tolerance, responsiveness and integrity, as well as an aptitude to thrive within a diverse environment.

All of these characteristics translate into energetic qualities and are carried through into the aromatherapy oil.

When we use Geranium Essential Oil, we invite all of these energetic influences to fortify us, and create resilience through being more flexible and less rigid.

Cautions & Contraindications

  • Tisserand and Young advise that there’s a potential drug interaction if using drugs metabolized by CYP2B6.
  • According to Tisserand and Young, Geranium Essential Oil possesses a low risk of skin sensitisation. They recommend a maximum 17.5% dilution for dermal application.
  • Geranium Essential Oil Blend needs to be diluted before use in topical applications.
  • Please refer to How To Use Essential Oils for more information about diluting pure essential oils.
  • Not to be used by pregnant women in the first trimester
  • Use with caution if hypersensitive, or if you have damaged or diseased skin
  • Always perform a patch test
  • Recommended dermal maximum of 2%
  • Do not exceed stated dosages
  • Avoid eyes and intimate areas
  • Keep away from children
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Wild As The Wind Geranium Essential Oil

Wild As The Wind Geranium Essential Oil is a premium quality aromatherapy oil, suitable for therapeutic purposes.

  • INCI: Pelargonium graveolens
  • Plant Family: Geraniaceae
  • Parts Used: Leaves
  • Extraction Method: Steam distilled
  • Appearance: Clear or pale yellow / green, thin consistency
  • Chemical Family: Esters, Monoterpenols
  • Shelf Life: c. 5 years
  • Perfumery Note: Middle
  • Aroma: Beautiful, floral, fresh, sweet and slightly fruity
  • Origin: Egypt

Geranium Essential Oil In Wild As The Wind Products

Geranium Essential Oil is such an important aromatherapy oil for skincare and female health, it can be found in several Wild As The Wind products.

However, Wild As The Wind use the organic version of Geranium Essential Oil in the following:

In addition, Wild As The Wind Geranium & Benzoin Essential Oil Blend is the most popular pre-blended essential oil for diffusing purposes. The Benzoin Essential Oil helps to anchor the sweetness of the Geranium Essential Oil, giving it a little more of an earthy tone.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are premium quality, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils.

Professional therapists use Wild As The Wind Essential Oils, including Osteopaths and Massage Therapists.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are also used domestically, for home remedies as well as in green cleaning products etc.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Are Suitable For:

  • Diffusing & nebulising
  • Diluting to make body & bath oils (1% dilution)
  • Using in your household first aid kit (average 2% dilution)
  • Adding to your shampoos, conditioners & liquid soaps (5 drops per 100ml)
  • Diluting to make face oils (2% dilution)
  • Formulating effective household cleaners & sanitisers (average 5% dilution)

Please consult How To Use Essential Oils for more information on how to use aromatherapy oils, and how to blend them.

However, not all essential oils are suitable for all applications. For this reason, you must read the specific safety advice, including cautions and contraindications, for the specific essential oils you intend to use.

Wild As The Wind Customer Ratings:

Etsy: 5 stars Facebook: 5 stars Google: 4.9 stars

Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Availability

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are available in the UK.

Wild As The Wind Customer Guarantees

Wild As The Wind essential oils are cruelty-free & vegan friendly. They are also some of the purest, most bio-active essential oils in the world.

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    This is the longest lasting best smelling Geranium essential oil! Helps me mentally and physically every day. You can tell from the smell what a high quality and happily made product this is. Love It.

    • Rachel Wild

      Hi Hazel, I was so thrilled to see your feedback about this gorgeous oil. I’m so glad it’s helping you in every way! Thanks so much for sharing. It means a lot. x x x

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