Organic Jojoba Oil


Organic Jojoba Oil is one of the most important carrier oil for cosmetic applications. Use it for makeup removal, face oils & hair…

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Organic Jojoba Oil

Wild As The Wind Organic Jojoba Oil is a premium quality carrier oil, and is thus superior to many of the Organic Jojoba Oils available. This is reflected in the price.

Nevertheless, it is considerably less expensive than some of the better known reputable brands even though it is equivalent to, or of superior quality to, these more expensive alternatives.

Organic Jojoba Oil Uses

Although we all refer to Organic Jojoba Oil as an oil, it is actually officially termed a wax. This lends Organic Jojoba Oil some pretty unique healing properties.

Organic Jojoba Oil has multiple uses within skincare and haircare.

Organic Jojoba Oil is a vitally important ingredient in all of the Wild As The Wind facial oils, and it is also a critically important oil for cleansing our skin and removing makeup.

It is also a great oil to add to Organic Argan Oil and a couple of essential oils to make an excellent hair treatment oil. (See below for the recipe and usage instructions.)

Organic Jojoba Oil For Cleansing & Makeup Removal

Jojoba Oil shares almost the same chemistry as the sebum of our skin. But, because Organic Jojoba Oil is in a liquid state at room temperature / body temperature, it can play an important role in the health of our skin.

The application of Organic Jojoba Oil to our skin helps to liquefy the sebum within our pores which, in turn, helps to keep our sebum soft and free-flowing.

Unfortunately, sebum has a nasty habit of hardening and clinging onto dead skin and other microscopic specks of debris. This causes the pores to block and can lead to the formation of blackheads and acne etc.

Wild As The Wind advocate the use of Organic Jojoba Oil as a cleansing agent /  makeup remover at a minimum … but we also advocate it’s use in your facial oil blends as well…

It is important to use a Toner to thoroughly remove the residual Organic Jojoba Oil along with the makeup and daily grime.  In fact, it is advisable to spritz Witch Hazel Toner onto your face midway through the makeup removing / cleansing process.

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Organic Jojoba Oil In Facial Oils

Wild As the Wind advise up to a 30% dilution of Organic Jojoba Oil within facial oil blends to maintain optimal sebum levels.

Because Jojoba Oil shares the same chemistry as the sebum within our skin, the process of applying Organic Jojoba Oil and leaving it on our skin for a good number of hours is tremendously helpful. Because Organic Jojoba Oil helps to soften hardening sebum within our pores it facilitates the ability of our skin to naturally cleanse itself on a perpetual basis.

Organic Jojoba Oil For Haircare

Use up to 20% Organic Jojoba Oil in your hair oil blend. Other ingredients can include:

*Please note, there are organic options for all of the essential oils listed above. You can find these by clicking ‘Organic Essential Oils’ in the main navigation menu, or you can use the search box, both of which are at the top of the screen.

I have also included links to the organic essential oils in the recipe below.

Wild As The Wind Hair Oil Recipe

Ingredient Measurements

Organic Argan Oil 80%

Organic Jojoba Oil 20%

Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 20 drops per 100ml of base oil

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil 20 drops per 100ml of base oil

Organic Lavender Essential Oil 20 drops per 100ml of base oil


Sterilise the bottle you intend to use as the container for your hair oil. The best way to do this is to bake it in the oven at 350° F for about 20 minutes. Dishwashers also sterilise bottles, but you must ensure the bottle is 100% dry prior to use.

Place all of the ingredients in your sterilised bottle at the amounts specified, close the lid and shake well.

*Refer to Using Essential Oils for further information about the safe dilution of essential oils in carrier oils.

Using Your Hair Oil

Shake bottle before use.

Place a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand and then rub both hands together until the oil is coating the full extent of your palms and fingers on both hands. Then rub your fingers through your hair, spreading the oil from the scalp down to the tips.

Longer hair will require more oil, so repeat until you feel enough oil has been applied.

Then, using your fingertips, massage your scalp gently for a couple of minutes to help stimulate new hair growth.

You can also use a brush to work the oil easily into your hair.

Hair Oil Variations

To read more about making hair treatment oils please visit the Organic Argan Oil page.

Beard Oil

All of the best beard oils contain Organic Jojoba Oil. Making a beard oil is slightly different to making a hair oil. A stronger concentration of Organic Jojoba Oil is advised: c. 50%

To find a great recipe for beard oil please visit the Organic Argan Oil page.


If you have sensitive skin, or if you do a lot of sun bathing, there’s a very remote chance you may have a slight reaction to this Wild As The Wind product.

It is always advisable to perform a patch test on the soft skin on the inside of your forearm before using these products on your face.

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils are premium quality, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils. Professional therapists use Wild As The Wind Organic Base Oils and Organic Essential Oils, including Osteopaths and Massage Therapists. Wild As The Wind Organic Base Oils are also used domestically, for home remedies as well as in green cleaning products etc.

Wild As The Wind Organic Base Oils Are Suitable For:

  • making body & bath oils (1% dilution of Organic Essential Oils)
  • using in your household first aid kit (average 2% dilution of Organic Essential Oils)
  • used to make face oils (2% dilution of Organic Essential Oils)
  • certain Organic Carrier Oils can be used on their own for wound healing and scar healing
  • many Organic Carrier Oils have a natural SPF value

Wild As The Wind Customer Ratings:

Etsy: 5 stars Facebook: 5 stars Google: 4.9 stars

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oil Availability

Wild As The Wind Organic Base Oils are available in the UK.

Wild As The Wind Customer Guarantees

Wild As The Wind Organic Carrier Oils are cruelty free & vegan friendly. They are also some of the purest, most bio-active Organic Carrier Oils in the world.

Wild As The Wind Product Packaging

Bristol Green Capital Partnership Member Logo

Wild As The Wind Carrier Oils are presented in amber glass bottles with an aluminum lid.

Wild As The Wind is a member of Bristol Green Partnership and is committed to reducing the use of plastics in skincare and cosmetics.

Wild As The Wind Ethics

Cruelty Free Logo Wild As The Wind products are all suitable for everyone, including Vegetarians and Vegans

Wild As The Wind products do not contain any animal products and have not been tested on animals.

Wild As The Wind use premium quality ingredients, preferring to use Organic Essential Oils and Organic Base Oils wherever possible.

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