Plai Essential Oil [Wildcrafted]

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Wild As The Wind Plai Essential Oil is a premium quality aromatherapy oil, suitable for therapeutic purposes.


Plai Essential Oil [Wildcrafted]

This exotic aromatherapy oil from Thailand shares many things in common with Ginger Essential Oil. This is because it is a member of the Ginger family. And, just like Ginger Essential Oil, Plai Essential Oil is steam distilled from the roots, or rhizomes of the plant.

But, Plai Essential Oil has many things in common with the entirely unrelated Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Many consider Plai Essential Oil aromatically preferable to Tea Tree Essential Oil and Ginger Essential Oil

Plai Essential Oil is currently undergoing rigorous conventional, peer reviewed testing. One study has found Plai Essential Oil comparable to prescription strength anti-inflammatories, which are often prescribed to treat profoundly painful inflammatory conditions.

Sadly, these medicines, which are known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, or NSAIDs, have been shown to very quickly cause extensive harm to digestive health.

Digestive health is fundamentally important to our overall health, and the strongest forms of these type of medicines have also been heavily implicated in being a major cause of coronary heart failures.

Plai Essential Oil has a much cleaner bill of health.

***Our digestive health is very fundamentally important for maintaining:

  • Immune health
  • Hormonal health
  • Emotional health
  • Skin health

Plai Essential Oil Health Benefits

Plai Essential Oil health benefits are thought to include: Analgesic + antibacterial + antifungal + anti-inflammatory + antimicrobial + anti-neuralgic + antioxidant + anti-parasitic + antiseptic + antispasmodic + antitoxic + antitumor + antiviral + carminative (reduces digestive discomfort & flatulence) + digestive tonic + diuretic + febrifuge (reduces fever) + laxative + rubefacient + stimulant + stomachic + tonic + vermifuge (expels parasitic worms)

Please consult the Glossary Of Terms for a fuller understanding of these terms.

Plai Essential Oil is a key ingredient in the Wild As The Wind Ease Essential Oil Blend, along with Katrafay Essential Oil and Cistus Essential Oil.

We have seen that Plai oil is antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-neuralgic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and analgesic from the four main chemical components… Other authors state that it is also antispasmodic, antitoxic, anti-viral, carminative, digestive, diuretic, febrifugal, laxative, rubefacient, stimulant, tonic and vermifuge. Whether these additional claims are correct or not, from my research the oil certainly is one every aromatherapist should have in their kit as it is an excellent oil for the everyday issues our clients present with, such as muscular aches and pains, stiff joints, sprains, strains and torn ligaments and arthritis. In fact, this would be a good oil to use in Sports Massage

All About Plai Essential Oil

Plai Essential Oil Traditional Health Benefits

Plai Essential Oil has been traditionally used to treat profound levels of pain, and is used these days by trained aromatherapists as a key pain management strategy for those suffering from acute and chronic pain.

Plai Essential Oil is often combined with Helichrysum Essential Oil for those with Autoimmune conditions like Arthritis and Rheumatism as well as those in post-partum recovery.

*Deep Calm Essential Oil Blend is also helpful for inflammatory autoimmune conditions.

Plai Essential Oil traditional health benefits are also thought to include:

  • Postpartum issues (physical issues as well as emotional)
  • Tired & aching muscles + muscle spasms
  • Autoimmune conditions: Arthritis + rheumatism
  • Insect repellent & salve
  • Digestive issues: stomach cramps + flatulence + colitis + diverticulitis + bad breath
  • Respiratory issues: Asthma + colds + flu + bronchitis + sinusitis + bronchitis + whooping cough… all respiratory tract infections
  • Period pain
  • Torn ligaments & tendons
  • Inflammatory skin conditions: Acne + Eczema + Psoriasis
  • Muscular injury
  • Tendonitis
  • Herpes
  • Verrucas + warts
  • Inflammation
  • Hand sanitation
  • Green cleaning products
  • Chicken pox
  • Bacterial infections
  • Dysentery
  • Fungal infections :: toe nails + candida + athlete’s foot + ringworm
  • Cold sores

Plai Essential Oil For Asthma

Canadian research is showing that Plai Essential Oil is a valuable aromatherapy oil for respiratory conditions, particularly Asthma.

Results showed that Plai Essential Oil blended with Cypress Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil had excellent outcomes for Asthma sufferers.

Further reading :: Plai Aromatherapy Oil Science

Wild As The Wind Plai Essential Oil

Wild As The Wind Plai Essential Oil is a premium quality aromatherapy oil, suitable for therapeutic purposes.

Wild As The Wind also stock an Organic Ginger Essential Oil.

  • INCI: Zingiber cassumunar
  • Plant Family: Zingiberaceae
  • Parts Used: Rhizome
  • Extraction Method: Steam distilled
  • Appearance: Clear to pale yellow, thin consistency
  • Chemical family: Monoterpenes, Monoterpenols
  • Shelf Life: 5 years
  • Perfumery Note: Middle
  • Aroma: Fresh, spicy, earthy & warm with floral notes
  • Origin: Thailand


Wild As The Wind ★ Wildcrafted Essential Oils

Wild As The Wind ★ Wildcrafted Essential Oils are premium quality, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils.

Wild As The Wind offer one of the most extensive ranges of premium quality, therapeutic grade Wildcrafted Essential Oils and UK Wildcrafted Organic Essential Oils available online.

Professional therapists use Wild As The Wind ★ Wildcrafted Essential Oils, including Osteopaths and Massage Therapists.

Wild As The Wind Wildcrafted Essential Oils are also used domestically, for home remedies as well as in green cleaning products etc.

Wild As The Wind ★ Wildcrafted Essential Oils are suitable for:

  • Diffusing & nebulising
  • Diluting to make body & bath oils (1% dilution)
  • Using in your household first aid kit (average 2% dilution)
  • Adding to your shampoos, conditioners & liquid soaps (5 drops per 100ml)
  • Diluting to make face oils (2% dilution)
  • Formulating effective household cleaners & sanitisers (average 5% dilution)

Please consult How To Use Essential Oils for more information on how to use organic aromatherapy oils, and how to blend them.

However, not all wildcrafted essential oils are suitable for all applications. For this reason, you must read the specific safety advice, including cautions and contraindications, for the specific organic essential oils you intend to use.

Wild As The Wind Customer Ratings:

Etsy: 5 stars Facebook: 5 stars Google: 4.9 stars

Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Availability

Wild As The Wind wildcrafted essential oils are available in the UK.

Wild As The Wind Customer Guarantees

Wild As The Wind wildcrafted essential oils are cruelty-free & vegan friendly. They are also some of the purest, most bio-active essential oils in the world.

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2 reviews for Plai Essential Oil [Wildcrafted]

  1. Pam Luker (verified owner)

    I have had back pain since childhood and dislike taking painkillers. I have tried many different ointments and rubs but not found anything that really works. I was recommended to take a look at Wild as The Wind website and was blown away by Rachel’s knowledge. She has been incredibly helpful and advised I use the Plai oil alongside others. This is the best pain relief I have used and I can’t thank Rachel enough

  2. lee nicholls (verified owner)

    I purchased a bottle of this oil due to the pain I was having from a kidney infection which resulted in pain in my back. Not being very good with pain killers I decided to try a different route. When I spoke to the lovely Rachel (who is the founder of Wild as the Wind) she recommended trying this oil for the pain I was having. I tried it a couple of nights ago just before going to bed. Thankfully I had a really good nights sleep as I never felt the pain as I had the previous nights .. in the morning I used it again and have been pain free all day … I highly recommend this oil for pain … Thanks again Rachel, good recommendation.

    • Rachel Wild

      Dear Lee, I am so pleased Plai Essential Oil has worked for you so well. I was concerned about the severity of pain you were having, and the number of sleepless nights this was causing. Sleep is so important for our health and I was concerned you wouldn’t recover from your kidney infection if you weren’t getting any sleep. I’m so glad this has all changed for you now. Thanks so much for the brilliant review, and I’m really glad you’re now feeling well enough to write it. Really appreciate it 🙂 🙂 🙂

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