Cypress Essential Oil


Wild As The Wind Cypress Essential Oil is a premium quality aromatherapy oil, suitable for therapeutic purposes.

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Cypress Essential Oil

Legend has it that, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, (from whose name the term *Hippocratic Oath is derived), used to use diluted Cypress Essential Oil when bathing to quell his circulatory problems.

*All doctors within modern medicine have to take the Hippocratic Oath before being eligible to practice as a doctor.

Cypress Essential Oil is an ethically sourced aromatherapy oil. It is a non-toxic and non-irritating oil, unlike it’s close cousin Cypress Leaf Essential Oil. Nevertheless, Cypress Leaf Essential Oil has its place within our essential oil collections, as it is profoundly beneficial when used correctly.

Wild As The Wind Cleanse Essential Oil Blend

The Wild As The Wind Cleanse Essential Oil Blend has been specifically formulated to deliver broad-spectrum neurological support.

Cypress Essential Oil is a key ingredient within this blend.

The Wild As The Wind Cleanse Essential Oil Blend also includes:

This Cleanse Blend is of profound benefit to those who feel poisoned by something in particular… a toxin, synthetic chemicals, or infection etc. It is designed to provide system-wide neurological support, which means  it will support normal nerve function and help to reverse neurological degeneration.

To learn more about the neurological benefits of Cypress Essential Oil please visit the Wild As The Wind Cleanse Essential Oil Blend page.

Cypress Essential Oil Health Benefits

Cypress Essential Oil health benefits are thought to include: Antibacterial + anti-biofilm + antiglycation, (anti-ageing) + anti-inflammatory + antimicrobial + anti-spasmodic + antiseptic + astringent + decongestant + deodorant + diuretic + hemostatic (stops blood flow / bleeding / haemorrhaging) + hepatic + styptic (reduces bleeding) + sudorific (causes sweating) + vasodilator + sedative + tonic + vulnerary (wound healing)

Please consult the Glossary Of Terms for additional definitions of these terms.

Cypress Essential Oil Traditional Health Benefits

Cypress Essential Oil has been used in many ancient medicinal traditions.

The botanical name for the Cypress tree is Cupressus sempervirens. In Greek the word sempervirens means ‘lives forever’.

In many regions of the Mediterranean the Cypress tree became a symbol of death and mourning. It was often planted on the borders of cemeteries, as it was believed that souls of the dead could climb the Cypress trees and gain entrance to heaven.

By contrast, the Chinese viewed the Cypress tree as a tree of contemplation, due to its roots taking on the form of a seated man as they grow.

Cypress Essential Oil traditional health benefits are thought to include:

  • Respiratory tonic + decongestant + asthma + bronchitis
  • Autoimmune conditions: neurodegenerative disorders + arthritis + rheumatism + systemic inflammation etc
  • Vein tonic Varicose Veins and Cellulite
  • Menorrhagia (excessive blood loss during menstruation)
  • Excessive Perspiration + stimulating perspiration
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Varicose veins
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stress + anxiety
  • Stimulating lymphatic drainage / detoxification
  • Stimulating blood flow
  • Stopping excess blood flow + promoting blood clotting when wounded (hemostatic + astringent)
  • Detoxification (diuretic, so it helps the body flush out toxins supporting liver function. It also increases sweat and perspiration.)
  • Spasms + restless leg syndrome + muscle tightness, throbbing & pulling
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration aid
  • Vertigo (Meniere’s disease) + dizziness + brain fog

Cypress Essential Oil For Skincare

Cypress Essential Oil may help with the following skincare issues:

  • Astringent / toning
  • Oily Skin
  • Inflammatory skin conditions: Acne + eczema + psoriasis etc
  • Cellulite
  • Wound healing
  • Antiseptic

Cypress Essential Oil Energetic Properties

Cypress Essential Oil is thought to improve our connection with our Higher Selves, leading to greater levels of clarity and personal understanding.

It is also thought to help facilitate inspiration as well as insight.

As well as being physically purifying, Cypress Essential Oil is also energetically purifying, and is, thus, very supportive of personal transformation.

Cypress Essential Oil also encourages us to take a more expansive outlook, through the elevation of our self-confidence and willpower.

Cypress possesses the energy of endurance, allowing us to persevere where we may normally feel inclined to give up, inspiring us to act when we would normally submit to inertia due to feelings of defeat.

Cypress Essential Oil is especially supportive during periods of change, helping us find the inner wisdom to progress in a way that is in accord with our true path.

Cypress Essential Oil is one of many aromatherapy oils made using the plants parts of evergreen trees.

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Cautions & Contraindications

Cypress Essential Oil is non-toxic and non-irritating. However, it may cause skin sensitisation when oxidized, (exposed to heat, air or sunlight).


Wild As The Wind Cypress Essential Oil

Wild As The Wind Cypress Essential Oil is a premium quality aromatherapy oil, suitable for therapeutic purposes.

  • INCI: Cupressus sempervirens
  • Plant Family: Cupressaceae
  • Parts Used: Cones, needles, twigs
  • Extraction Method: Steam distilled
  • Appearance: Pale yellow, thin consistency
  • Chemical Family: Monoterpenes
  • Shelf Life: c. 3 years
  • Perfumery Note: Middle
  • Aroma: Fresh, herbaceous, woody, slightly citrussy & mildly coniferous
  • Origin: France

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are premium quality, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils.

Professional therapists use Wild As The Wind Essential Oils, including Osteopaths and Massage Therapists.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are also used domestically, for home remedies as well as in green cleaning products etc.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Are Suitable For:

  • Diffusing & nebulising
  • Diluting to make body & bath oils (1% dilution)
  • Using in your household first aid kit (average 2% dilution)
  • Adding to your shampoos, conditioners & liquid soaps (5 drops per 100ml)
  • Diluting to make face oils (2% dilution)
  • Formulating effective household cleaners & sanitisers (average 5% dilution)

Please consult How To Use Essential Oils for more information on how to use aromatherapy oils, and how to blend them.

However, not all essential oils are suitable for all applications. For this reason, you must read the specific safety advice, including cautions and contraindications, for the specific essential oils you intend to use.

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Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Availability

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are available in the UK.

Wild As The Wind Customer Guarantees

Wild As The Wind essential oils are cruelty-free & vegan friendly. They are also some of the purest, most bio-active essential oils in the world.

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