Organic Rosehip Oil


Wild As The Wind Organic Rosehip Oil is a superior cold pressed oil made from sun-drenched Rosehips grown in nutrient dense soil.

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Organic Rosehip Oil

Organic Rosehip Oil is a seed oil just like Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil and Organic Raspberry Seed Oil, but we rarely refer to it as Organic Rosehip Seed Oil as we do with other oils. This is because Organic Rosehip Seed Oil has become popularised with the shortened version of it’s name.

It is considered to be profoundly anti-ageing and whilst Organic Rosehip Seed Oil doesn’t have an SPF, so it can’t directly protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, but, it can help to strengthen the skin barrier and repair some of the damage caused by the sun.

Why Is Organic Rosehip Seed Oil So Popular?

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil is considered, by many within the skincare and cosmetic industry, to be the number one base oil in the war against ageing.

Wild As The Wind has a different view of the maturation process, believing we should embrace our years as we do our increased knowledge, and hopefully wisdom.

The anti-ageing battle is a superficial one. Anti-ageing is seen, by the skincare and cosmetic industry, to take place on the exterior plain. But, as most Wild As The Wind customers know, anti-ageing is an internal affair in the main, and has a lot more to do with love than it does war!

Wild As The Wind Organic Rosehip Oil

The Wild As The Wind Organic Rosehip Oil is of an exceelent quality, and is superior to most other oprions available in the UK.

However, if you are looking for one of the best Rosehip Oils in the world and are willing to pay a little more, then we advise you to consider the Wild As The Wind Wild Crafted Organic Rosehip Oil which we source from Europe.

Wild As The Wind  Wild Crafted Organic Rosehip Oil

Wild As The Wind  also sell a superior Wild Crafted Organic Rosehip Oil. It is organic because the rosehips are gathered from plants growing wild on an organic estate in Bulgaria.

Eastern Europe is ideal for growing nutrient dense plants due to the higher temperatures and much greater sunlight hours in summer. Plus, Bulgaria typically uses traditional farming methods and so there’s very few nasty chemicals kicking around contaminating everything. This makes the Wild As The Wind Wild Crafted Organic Rosehip Oil an exceptional product.

Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil

Unlike the cheaper alternatives, Wild As The Wind Organic Rosehip Oil is a cold pressed carrier oil, where the oil is slowly pressed from the seeds contained within the hips of the Rosa Canina.

The cold pressing of seed oils ensures the nutrient content of the resulting base oil is optimal.

Oils which are extracted quickly soon heat up the metal equipment being used to perform the extraction. Heat damages and destroys the nutrients within the byproduct of this process. A deadened base oil will have no healing benefits for the skin.

Organic Rosehips Are Love In A Heart Shaped Sack


Have you ever seen a Rosehip? They are blazing red and are very much like the beating heart of the plant world. (Although, the Hawthorn Berry, a deep blood red berry, is also very akin to the human heart, and is used the world over as a remedy for all manner of heart conditions).

In this image of Rosehips, (courtesy of Collins Dictionary), you can see the hue of the red is very much more like the fresh, healthy blood which courses through our veins.

You can also see the berry is elongated, like a love heart, or even a natural human heart.

And, even the Rosehip flowers are reminiscent of the heart as well… The petals of the Rosa Canina, (Dog Rose), are love heart shaped as well…

Where Are Rosehips From?

Rosehip Flower

Rosehips come from a sprawling rambling Rose known as the Dog Rose, or Rosa Canina, one of the most ancient form of Roses there are. The older the rose type the fewer the petals it possesses.

The original Rose only had four petals.

The flower of the Dog Rose blooms in late May and June in the UK, and only has six petals. It is a beautiful delicate flower which doesn’t last long. The petals are of the palest of pink, almost white at the centre, gradually growing more pink toward the outer edges of the heart shaped petals.

The stamen within the flowers are as delicate as the petals themselves. It truly is a beautiful flower in it’s celebrated simplicity.

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