Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation

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Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is a simple blend of incredibly potent ingredients suitable for all manner of applications.

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Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is a simple blend of incredibly potent ingredients suitable for all manner of applications. Initially formulated for it’s potential to help with toenail fungus, it was soon clear Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation was likely to be helpful for many other applications which require topical application as well internal use.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is thought to be excellent for digestive issues of bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral origin, plus, Nigella Sativa Seed Oil, on it’s own, has been used throughout the ages for restoring gut health. Visit Organic Nigella Sativa Seed Oil [Food Grade] to learn how one customer eased her debilitating 30 year IBS after only three weeks of taking a small amount of Nigella Sativa Seed Oil internally. (Please note, customer feedback is no indication of scientific proof.)

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation Ingredients

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is made using food grade organic ingredients :: Organic Oregano Essential Oil and Organic Nigella Sativa Seed Oil.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is made with a 5% dilution of Organic Oregano Essential Oil within the Nigella Sativa base oil.

The Nigella Sativa and Oregano has worked amazingly. Thank you. Xxx

Gail, Winscombe

(Taken internally for gastric issues and suspected parasites.)

I had terrible issues with my stomach and digestive system on many levels but nothing the doctors gave me has helped. I have to say I was dubious at first but since using the Nigella and Oregano my life has changed. Such a relief.
I would say I now have a ‘normal’ life in that regard and the help that Rachel gave me has been a real revelation. I am so grateful to her and can only recommend her in the highest regard.

Cheers Rachel

Russ, Bristol

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation Potential Uses

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation may be used for the following:

  • Yeast Fungal infection
  • Bacterial infection
  • Viral infection
  • Parasitic infection
  • A combination of any of the above

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation & The Gut

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation may be useful for parasite cleansing, and clearing digestive bacterial and viral overgrowths. *Our immune system is made up of good bacteria, viruses and certain yeasts / fungus. Without our good bacteria, viruses and yeasts we would have no immune system and we would not be able to perform basic bodily functions, like the digestion of our food.

Oregano Essential Oil & Nigella Sativa Seed Oil are only thought to neutralise bacteria, fungus and viral infections which are harmful to our health, without harming much of the good bacteria, viruses and yeasts. However, more research is needed where this is concerned.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation Yeast / Mould Infections

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is a very effective anti-fungal preparation. It is excellent for toenail fungus and long-term dermal fungal issues, like Athletes Foot.

Toenail and fingernail fungal infections are more serious than many people believe. They can, in their chronic state, affect our major organs. All chronic external fungal infections should not go untreated. In almost all cases, external fungal infections indicate an internal fungal infection, and even parasites.

Yeast / Mould Infections Are Serious

Dermal fungal yeast infections almost always point to a digestive fungal overgrowth. There are many reason why we should take our fungal / yeast infections seriously. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Up to 96% of sinusitis cases are from fungal / mould infections.
  • Sinusitis is a chronic condition just like toenail fungal infections and can last many years.
  • Sinusitis and toenail fungal infections rarely, if ever, go away on their own.
  • Sinusitis and toenail fungal infections are successfully treated by Western Medicine using harsh antibiotics, but the use of antibiotics almost guarantees much worsened outbreaks of infections in the future.
  • Hyper-flexible people are much more likely to have serious adverse effects from mould / fungal exposures.
  • Mould / fungal yeast infections may cause systemic damage and can, in some cases, seriously undermine mental and physical function if left untreated.

  • In the most serious, long-term cases mould and fungal infections can be the precursor to more serious conditions.

Acute fungal Infections

* If your fungal infection is acute rather than chronic, (meaning it is recent rather than long-term) then gentler options are advised. Use properly diluted Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil or ethically sourced Tea Tree Essential Oil. If this is unsuccessful, then add the correct amount of Organic Myrrh Essential Oil or ethically sourced Myrrh Essential Oil.

Follow the advice provided here in these instances :: Essential Oils For Fungal Infections

IMPORTANT :: Essential oils need to be diluted properly

Please refer to Using Essential Oils if in any doubt how to work with essential oils.

Using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is already at the correct dilution

**Do not dilute Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation any further. But, only use it externally for chronic conditions.

***Do not use as a general massage oil. Only use Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation when absolutely necessary.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation For Internal Use

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation has more uses than the eradication of persistent fungal infections. It can be taken internally to eradicate parasite infections and internal fungal, viral and bacterial overgrowths. However, unlike antibiotics, this preparation is unlikely to kill all of the good bacteria, fungus and viruses within your gut, that are vital for our digestive and overall health.

***We absolutely need good bacteria, good viruses and good fungus to exist in our guts. It is the good bacteria, good viruses and good fungus which actually allow us to digest our food and provide us with 80% of our immune system. Simply put, we would be dead if it weren’t for these vitally important microbes within our digestive system.

So, for digestive bacterial and viral infections, and as an extremely effective parasite cleanse, even helping to kill parasites hiding out in our gall bladders, we can take this preparation internally, twice daily. See full directions for use below…

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation & Toenail Fungus

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is a very potent preparation which must be used sparingly.

Apply three times a day to affected toe and finger nails.

  • Place the fleshy part of the end of your thumb over the opening of the bottle of Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation. Turn the bottle upside down and then return it to an upright position after a small amount of Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation has been left on your thumb tip.
  • Drag the oil across the end of the infected nail, making sure to push the Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation down underneath the nail by pulling the fleshy part of the thumb firmly over the end of the infected nail. Your nails must be clipped as short as possible for this to be effective.
  • Repeat firmly until you are sure you’ve delivered as much of the Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation under the infected nail as possible.
  • Rub the remainder of the oil on your thumb around the cuticles of the infected nail, as well as over the surface of the nail, rubbing vigorously enough to generate friction. The warming of the oil in this way will aid absorption.
  • Repeat for all infected nails.

Continue using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation until well after all signs of fungal infection have disappeared.

I was pleased to purchase the oregano and nigella sativa oil from you in order to combat the infection on my toenail.  I ventured to try this on my Verrucas, which had refused to budge despite various treatments, and a short time later I realise they had disappeared. I consequently applied this to a wart on my thumb, and this too disappeared. A fantastic bonus, I just hope my nail is completely recovered soon.

Eva, Somerset

Our response…

Hi Eva, Thanks so much. Really appreciate [your feedback]. Warts are a viral infection, as are verrucas. If you have tried using Tea Tree Oil and prescription medications on persistent warts and verrucas, which refuse to budge, then it is possible to use Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation instead, as you so intuitively understood was the case. Sorry it takes so long for the toenail fungus to go. It’s just so hard to get the oil where it needs to be to do a thorough job. In many ways it would be better if the nail were to fall off for everybody, instead of in just a few cases, as that would mean full and direct access. Unfortunately, that tricky little fungal infection has somewhere to run and hide if the nail stays in tact. And, don’t forget, it’s fighting for it’s life, and for sure it’s going to go down swinging!

Other considerations when using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation for fungal infections of the toes and fingernails.

**Sterilise your nail clippers / nail scissors immediately after use.

***Please be aware :: Sugar, alcohol, processed food and grains feed yeast / fungus. For best results remove these from your diet whilst trying to eradicate your infections.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation Digestive Bacterial, Fungal & Viral Infections

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is excellent for digestive bacterial, fungal and viral infections, plus, Nigella Sativa is excellent for restoring digestive health.

Digestive imbalances tend to occur in those who eat a lot of processed food and who have a lot of sugar in their diet, or in those who have taken antibiotics etc.

Usage Instructions For Digestive Bacterial, Fungal & Viral Infections

Usage instructions for internal yeast, bacterial and viral infections are exactly the same as for using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation for parasite cleansing, except for two differences:

  1. You can start taking Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation for yeast, bacterial and viral infections at any point in the month.
  2. Most yeast, bacterial and viral infections will be dealt with within one ten day period, and so continued use one month later is not likely to be necessary.

Otherwise please follow the instructions directly below to the letter.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation For Parasite Cleanses

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation can be used topically or internally to help clear parasite infections.

External Use

Both Oregano Essential Oil & Nigella Sativa Seed Oil have been shown to possess anti-parasitic properties in peer reviewed clinical research. Rubbing Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation on to your abdomen can help clear parasite infections.

Apply up to 10 drops of Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation three times daily for up to ten days. This type of application is suitable for parasite infections and other forms of indeterminate gastric upset.

Discontinue after 10 days to give your body a rest. Resume after one month. A second 10 day usage period is required because eggs which weren’t yet hatched, when using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation during the first ten day stretch, will now have hatched. The second 10 day period of usage will clear up these residual parasites making a third round unnecessary.

Internal Use

It is much better to take Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation internally for parasitic infections, if possible.

As with external use, the internal use of Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is only needed for two periods of ten days, with a months rest in between.

**If you intend to use Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation internally you will need a minimum of 100ml, and you are probably going to need two bottles of this size in most cases.

Internal Dosage

Do the following morning and evening:

Place 45 drops of Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation in a tablespoon of Olive Oil, and swallow. Then wash this down with a glass of warm water to cleanse your palate.

**45 drops roughly equates to half a level teaspoon

***It’s best to avoid eating within 20 minutes either side of taking Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation, but not vital.

****The best time to start using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation for parasitic infections is on the day of the full moon. See the Dr David Jockers quote a little later on for why this is advisable.

IMPORTANT :: Discontinue after ten days and resume one month later for a further ten day stint. Parasite infections tend to persist beyond the first course of Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation because nothing can kill the heavily protected eggs. These will continue to hatch after the the 10 day course of Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation, but the newly hatched parasites will not have matured sufficiently to lay their own eggs by the time you start killing them with your second round of Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation

Parasites exhibit biological rhythms. Researchers continue to study how the biological rhythms of parasites are regulated and exhibited. Disrupting parasite rhythms can be helpful for eradicating parasites. The full moon is associated with higher parasite activity. Your body’s circadian rhythm responds to the moon’s cycle. Parasites are more active and reproductive coinciding with your circadian rhythm. During the full moon, we produce less melatonin and more serotonin. Melatonin is the neurotransmitter that helps you sleep and helps to control your immune system. With lower levels of melatonin, your immune system does not fend off parasites as well. Serotonin, your “feel good” neurotransmitter, increases during the full moon. Like humans, parasites have receptors for serotonin. Parasites use serotonin to help them move. With access to more of your serotonin, they have more movement. The combination of less melatonin and more serotonin, gives parasites a heightened ability to move around and cause issues.

Dr David Jockers

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Contraindications

Not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding mums.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa is a powerful combination of oils. If you are using prescription medication, or you are in any doubt about using Oregano & Nigella Sativa you must consult your doctor prior to use.

Do not use if allergic.

Perform a patch test on a small area of skin on the inside of your forearm, placing one drop and rubbing it in. If there is no reaction after ten minutes then Oregano & Nigella Sativa is likely safe for use by you as an individual. You must perform a patch test before external and internal use.

Discontinue immediately if any irritation occurs. Wash off with cold water and mild soap immediately. Consult your doctor if you have a strong reaction or if the reaction persists. Contact your doctor even if your reaction is very mild if the reaction is likely to cause you mental anguish.

Make Your Own Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation

*If you are going to use Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation internally you will need the larger sized bottle (100ml). You are likely to need two of them. Alternatively, you can buy two bottles of Organic Nigella Sativa Seed Oil along with a separate bottle of Organic Oregano Essential Oil to mix yourself. This provides you with more control over how you use these products, and it will save you money at the outset.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is made at a 5% dilution of Organic Oregano Essential Oil. There are approximately 20 drops to 1ml of essential oil. A 5ml dilution of a 100ml bottle, therefore requires 100 drops of essential oil.

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1 review for Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation

  1. lee nicholls

    After spending much of my life with digestive problems, IBS, constipation, trapped wind, yeast infections, I have tried loads of different remedies but really with not much success…

    Constipation being the most problematic, I regularly go up to five days without a bowel movement, which obviously takes it toll on my health…

    Rachel, who has an extensive knowledge of how our bodies work and the oils that can help with every ailment, is very professional and interesting to talk to. Rachel has literally changed my life with her Nigella Sativa Oil… Right from first taking it it started to work, I have been taking it for almost a month and now I have a bowel movement everyday. I no longer have the bloating, the stomach pains or trapped wind… Amazing stuff!!!
    I highly recommend this product for anyone with gut, and bowel issues it has really worked for me.
    Thank you Rachel, I m so glad you crossed my path…

    • Rachel Wild

      Dearest Lee, thank you so much for your kind words and for such an accurate description of how Nigella Sativa has helped you. I am realled glad we had chance to meet and that I have been able to help you. Sending love x x x

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