Myrrh Resin [Gum] 100g

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Wild As The Wind Myrrh Resin is a premium quality gum.



Wild As The Wind Myrrh Resin

Wild As The Wind Myrrh Resin is a premium quality gum. It is suitable for a good number of applications, including being used as an incense and for chewing…

Myrrh Resin and Myrrh Essential Oil are used within the food industry on the basis that it has been proven safe for ingestion. However, it must only ever be ingested in very small amounts.

It is best combined with Frankincense Resin at a ratio of eight parts Wild As The Wind Frankincense Resin and two parts Wild As The Wind Myrrh Resin.

This makes a ratio of 4:1.

Use a small amount of the combined gum at a time… the equivalent of two kernels of corn, or so.

Chewing the gum for ten to fifteen minutes a day allows for a slow release of the benefits.

Wild As The Wind Myrrh Resin Appearance

Wild As The Wind Myrrh Resin comes in pieces that vary considerably in size, some very small, with others the size of a thumbnail. The resin is also of differing shades of amber and brown, and is often attached to small pieces of bark.


If you are using Myrrh Resin and Frankincense Resin therapeutically, you may want to consider adding Organic, Food Grade Nigella Sativa Oil to your regimen.

Three glasses of filtered water with a drop of Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil a day, before each meal, is also advised.

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil is deeply detoxifying / antioxidant, and provides a considerable immune boost as it alleviates the toxic burden on the immune system.

Myrrh Resin Cautions & Contraindications

Not suitable for breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Not suitable for children under ten years of age.

Do NOT chew the bark of the tree, as it is very bitter and unpalatable.

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  1. michelle.muir13 (verified owner)

    Myrrh and frankincense resin I am ingesting for some digestive issues, I also take half a tsp of black seed oil x2 daily. 20mins before food.
    1 drop of sweet orange x3 daily, In some filtered cooled boiled water.
    wow my appetite has went through the roof. My tummy feels more settled.
    Early days yet as it has just been a week, can’t wait to feel and see the results after more time. Thanks wild as the wind always a pleasure dealing with you. And the information on your web site is like a breath of fresh air. ❤️

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