Hemp Essential Oil

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Hemp Essential Oil by Wild As The Wind is a premium quality aromatherapy oil, suitable for therapeutic purposes.

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Hemp Essential Oil

This Wild As The Wind Hemp Essential Oil is a full- spectrum cannabinoid Hemp Essential Oil.

This means that the naturally occurring cannabinadiol, aka CBD, in Hemp Essential Oil is still surrounded by all of the other naturally occurring cannabinoids in Hemp Essential Oil, just as nature intended.

When CBD is sold as an isolate this means that all of the other natural components within Hemp Essential Oil have been removed. This makes it more difficult to ingest.

For this reason, much higher doses of CBD isolate are required to achieve the same benefits as natural Hemp Essential Oil.

Keeping Hemp Essential Oil in its full and natural form improves ingestion levels significantly. This is because the complete, natural Hemp Essential Oil is a lot more bio-available.

Consequently, you need a lot less CBD within a natural Hemp Essential Oil to do the same job as a high dose CBD Oil.

Wild As The Wind Hemp Essential Oil

At the time of writing, this Wild As The Wind Hemp Essential Oil is the only UK grown, Home Office approved, Hemp Essential Oil, which is also grown without the use of pesticides.

As Hemp Essential Oil grows 10 feet in 10 weeks it pulls absolutely everything out of the soil and the environment. This is why clean soil and clean air are vitally important when growing Hemp.

Using Wild As The Wind Hemp Essential Oil

Wild As The Wind Hemp Oil has a 0.77% CBD concentration

1000mg = 1ml

1ml @ 0.77% CBD = 8mg (rounded up) Wild As the Wind recommend using Hemp Essential Oil in the following way…

Taking Wild As The Wind Pure Hemp Essential Oil

Internal Use

Internal dosing is not advised if you have had your gall bladder removed, or if you have difficulty assimilating fats for any other reason.

The ideal approach to using Wild As The Wind Pure Hemp Essential Oil  :: Take 3 drops of pure Hemp Essential Oil with a heaped teaspoon of hard-set organic coconut oil. (The MCT in organic coconut oil makes the Hemp Essential Oil more bio-available.)

Hold these combined oils in your mouth for around 2 minutes allowing the benefits of both oils to be absorbed by your gums, roof of your mouth, and beneath your tongue, (sub-lingually).

Swallow the oils after about two minutes.

Take twice daily :: Morning and early evening.

***Do not use this combination of oils to ‘oil pull’ /swish between your teeth. Only swish oils you intend to spit out as oil pulling is designed to help you excrete oral toxins and plaque etc, and so the oils used to ‘oil pull’ must never be swallowed. More information about oil pulling is available in Morning Detox Protocols.

***Whilst there is absolutely no consensus on dosage, the most commonly advocated daily dosage of Hemp Essential Oil, where the CBD concentration is equal to that of the Wild As The Wind Hemp Essential Oil is at :: 3 drops in a carrier oil in the morning followed by a further 3 drops in the early evening.

***It is best to dilute Hemp Essential Oil with organic coconut cooking oil because of the MCT Oil content of the Organic Coconut Oil, which makes the Hemp Essential Oil more bioavailable. However, you can use another food grade carrier oil if Coconut Oil is not to your taste.

***If you do not receive any benefit from taking Hemp Essential Oil with a good carrier oil within three days it may be necessary to follow the ‘load dosage’ instructions below.

***Please also read the information about maintenance dosage below.

How Does It Work?

The CBD in Hemp Essential Oil interacts with our CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors, which are present throughout our body.

Load Dosing Hemp Essential Oil

We all possess an endocannabinoid system, but within many of us it lies dormant. This is because the foods we eat these days, which are generally mass produced in infertile soil, no longer contain much nutrient content. This means we are being starved of the nutrients we need to support a healthy endocannabinoid system. Our endocannabinoid system would, if it worked properly, reduce inflammation and pain within our bodies, whilst also improving out outlook and emotional health.

To reactivate a dormant endocannabinoid system it may be necessary to load dose your Hemp Essential Oil during the first few days of taking it.

This means taking up to 5 times more Hemp Essential Oil than the normal dose, for the first five days, split into a morning and evening dose, taken at the same times as you would the normal daily dose.

After this initial load dosing is complete you can then revert to taking the normal daily dose of Hemp Essential Oil with organic coconut oil, or preferably, you will ascertain your personal optimal maintenance dosage.

Achieving Your Optimal Maintenance Dosage Of Hemp Essential Oil

Once the desired effects have been achieved by the normal daily dose of Hemp Essential Oil this indicates your endocannabinoid system is more fully engaged. And, that means you can start experimenting with reducing your dose, slightly reducing it in increments in order to establish your optimal maintenance dose level. Don’t waste your Hemp Essential Oil! It is advisable to experiment with your dosage to see what your minimal requirement will be to achieve optimal resu;ts. We are all different! So, some people will definitely need less than others, whilst some will need more.

Try reducing your dose by one drop for at least a week. If the health benefits of the Hemp Essential Oil are still optimal, then reduce your dose by another single drop for another week or so. Continue this process until your final reduction in dose results in a deterioration of health benefits.

This means that you need to increase your daily dosage by one drop per day to return to the dosage that delivered you with the optimal health benefits at the lowest maintenance dosage possible.

The reason why we revert to a maintenance dose is because CBD from the Hemp Essential Oil consistently builds up in the body, thereby optimally meeting the needs of your super-charged endocannabinoid system. Not only will this allow you to experience relief from symptoms more quickly, it will also extend the period of time that the benefits will be felt

The maintenance dosage is ultimately what stabilises everything…. Allowing you to achieve optimal health benefits at the minimal dose and cost possible.


Hemp Essential Oil Contraindications: Reported side effects of Cannabidiol, or CBD, include dry mouth, low blood pressure & light headedness. Some report drowsiness.

There are also indications that CBD may affect how anticoagulants & blood platelets work or may even possibly stop their production. More research is needed.

Wild As The Wind Hemp Essential Oil

I have tried two other makes of CBD, but this is the only one that works for me. Makes me feel more energetic and less achy.

Henry, Oxfordshire

Since taking Hemp Essential Oil daily I have noticed a huge difference in my sleep. I find it easier to go off to sleep and I no longer wake in the night for hours at a time. It has also eased pain in my arm caused by weight training.

Ben, Temple Cloud

I first took Hemp Essential Oil when I was feeling tired and suffering from a cough which I had for weeks. Within minutes of taking a few drops of the hemp essential oil my cough had practically stopped. I take a few drops twice a day and I feel this also really helps me to relax my mind.

Sally, Bristol

Since starting out on Hemp essential oil my mood has improved incredibly, I feel more relaxed and less irritable. I wish I took this a long time ago.

Kay, South Bristol

I initially started taking Hemp essential oil every day to help with the pain in my hands. My knuckles [used to] swell up and I found everyday things to be a struggle. Since taking the oil the pain has definitely eased enormously.

Mike, Bristol

I find taking Hemp Essential Oil has really helped balance out my hormones, I am definitely less moody!!

Jan, Bristol

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are premium quality, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils.

Professional therapists use Wild As The Wind Essential Oils, including Osteopaths and Massage Therapists.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are also used domestically, for home remedies as well as in green cleaning products etc.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Are Suitable For:

  • Diffusing & nebulising
  • Diluting to make body & bath oils (1% dilution)
  • Using in your household first aid kit (average 2% dilution)
  • Adding to your shampoos, conditioners & liquid soaps (5 drops per 100ml)
  • Diluting to make face oils (2% dilution)
  • Formulating effective household cleaners & sanitisers (average 5% dilution)

Please consult How To Use Essential Oils for more information on how to use aromatherapy oils, and how to blend them.

However, not all essential oils are suitable for all applications. For this reason you must read the specific safety advice, including cautions and contraindications, for the specific essential oils you intend to use.

Wild As The Wind Customer Ratings:

Etsy: 5 stars Facebook: 5 stars Google: 4.9 stars

Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Availability

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are available in the UK.

Wild As The Wind Customer Guarantees

Wild As The Wind essential oils are cruelty free & vegan friendly. They are also some of the purest, most bio-active essential oils in the world.


The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult with your healthcare professional before changing your healthcare regimen. Any results presented, including customer testimonial, do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction of outcome of any product sold on this website. All materials on this website & links to other resources are posted in good faith, however, the accuracy, validity, effectiveness, completeness & usefulness of information cannot be guaranteed.

Wild As The Wind accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the information contained on, or products sold via, this website. We strongly advise you to seek professional advice as appropriate before making any health decision.

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2 reviews for Hemp Essential Oil

  1. Eleanor (verified owner)

    I had a Mirena coil removed after many years and had read lots of horror stories of hormones going haywire. I used the hemp oil for several weeks either side of the removal (along with applying your hormone balance recipe topically on pulse points). Everything went smoothly and I am now better than I ever was in terms of menstrual duration/heaviness/PMT etc. The hemp also made me feel generally better – like my immune system was boosted!

    • Rachel Wild

      Dear Eleanor, I’m so glad all went smoothly for you, and that you are now better than ever. You have chosen your oils well to help support you through the transition, and I’m so pleased to hear that you are better than ever before. And, I’m so glad and grateful that you have shared this important information with others. Thank you. x x x

  2. Henry Bagenal (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several CBD oils and this is by far the best. I’m a professional gardener so I get a lot of aches and pains and when I stop taking this oil my pains increase!!!!!

    • Rachel Wild

      Thanks so much for your feedback Henry. I’m so glad the Hemp Essential oil is helping so much. I’ve just posted your latest bottle this afternoon. The accompanying note introduces you to the wonders of Copaiba Essential Oil also. Copaiba is an amagnifier, and so it acts as a driver for other, more expensive, essential oils like Hemp… this means that when you use Copaiba Balsam in conjunction with other aromatherapy oils the overall absorption rates are increased, thus reducing costs. There’s also a little known essential oil called Gurjum or Gurjun Essential Oil which is known as Indian Copaiba, with profound healing abilities.

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