UK Handmade Cotton Makeup Pad


UK Handmade Cotton Pad for makeup removal, gentle exfoliation and as place pad for dripping bottles…

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UK Handmade Organic Cotton Makeup Pad

These beautiful 100% organic cotton, crocheted pads can be used for many different purposes:

And, the beauty is these UK Handmade Cotton Makeup Pads are so easy to wash and extremely durable!

Why Use UK Handmade Cotton Makeup Pad?

We recommend you use Wild As The Wind UK Handmade Cotton Makeup Pads because they are excellent at what they do. However, there is another reason…

Handmade in the UK, using sustainable organic cotton, these crocheted pads are the first of hopefully many ways through which Wild As The Wind can support the creative endeavours of talented individuals in the UK

In actual fact, this symbiotic relationship is one of mutual support.

Faith in each other, and a mutual respect for each other’s output, is the bedrock of the Wild As The Wind ethos.

We believe it’s how a more positive future can emerge.

Hopefully, this is why you will opt to use Wild As The Wind UK Handmade Organic Cotton Makeup Pads.

Compassion & Community

It’s time to come together and create community. We need to offer each other mutual support to create solutions for our immediate problems. Only investing in what we believe in, and supporting each other in this way, can we navigate our way out of an imminently turbulent future.

If we are successful we will build a much better, more beautiful world, where everything is truly possible.

This is the future Wild As The Wind is investing all of it’s trust in.

Wild As The Wind Knows We Are The Answer!

These inspirational principles of community and compassion have always been at the heart of the Wild As The Wind ethos.

Sadly, until recently, the principles of community and compassion have been very much the ideal of the minority, with minimal appeal to others. Now, in the post Covid-19 world, many more of us have grown to understand the true importance of these principles.

It is wonderful to know hat out of the ashes of an uncaring world we can envision a more unifying and inspiring one… no matter the hardships we now face…

If we all come together, the pain and suffering inflicted by these times will only serve to make us all stronger.

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Wild As The Wind Product Availability

Wild As The Wind Products are available in the UK & Europe.

Wild As The Wind Customer Guarantees

Wild As The Wind Products are cruelty free & vegan friendly. They are also some of the purest, most bio-active essential oils in the world.

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