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Wild As The Wind Hydrosol Toners are very gentle & beautifully fragrant. Use as a cooling spritzor as a cleanser & toner before applying face oil.

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Hydrosol Facial Toners

Wild As The Wind Hydrosol Toners are very gentle and beautifully fragrant. They can be used in a number of ways, and can even be used as a cooling, healing spritz when you are hot and flustered during a trying summers day…

Hydrosol Toners are infused with natural aromatherapy oils, and are available in the following aromas:

*Wild As The Wind Toners contain some of the most expensive essential oils that money can buy. Using Toners is a great way to access the healing properties of these essential oils without having to spend a small fortune on the undiluted essential oils.

Use Hydrosol Toners to tonify your face prior to moisturising with a facial oil. Or use them to gently cleanse your face after removing any makeup.

Hydrosol Facial Toners prepare the skin for the optimal absorption of your favourite facial oil.

Hydrosol Toners also exert a cleansing action on the skin after all makeup has been removed with a good makeup remover.

Using Hydrosol Toners

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Hydrosol Toners For Spritzing

Hydrosol Toners can be used as a spritz after you have removed your makeup. Or, you can use it as a spritz to refresh you on a hot. sunny day.

Hydrosol Toners For Toning

Close eyes and spray three or four squirts of Hydrosol Facial Toner directly onto your face. Allow this to sit on your face whilst you rinse a Muslin Cloth, or equivalent, in hot water.

Wring out your muslin cloth well before using it to massage your face from the top to the bottom. Rinse regularly and always apply to the face when hot.

Apply your facial oil whilst your face is still damp, thereby locking in the moisture.

Hydrosol Toners For Cleansing & Toning

Hydrosol Facial Toners are not designed to remove oil based makeup, but they are great for removing daily dirt that can build up on an unmade-up face. Spray up to ten squirts of Hyrosol Toner onto a muslin cloth, or reusable cotton pad, and gently cleanse your face, starting with the eyes, then forehead before making your way down your entire face and neck.

The reason we start with the eyes is because the eyes are very absorbent and if we cleanse other parts of the face first we are likely to deposit bacteria, viruses and other undesirable things into the eyes. This can fast track infections into the eyes and, therefore, the rest of our body.

*The Herpes Simplex Virus will blind us if it gets into our eyes!

Warnings & Contraindications

Using Hydrosol Toner couldn’t really be simpler or safer.

However, it is always recommended to do a skin patch test on the soft skin of the underside of the forearm, prior to using any product on the face.

Very occasionally someone will have a reaction to the essential oil content in Hydrosol Toners. If you are the one in a thousand people, then rinse the affected area with cold water. Soap can be used also if you prefer.

Wild As The Wind Hydrosol Toner Packaging

Bristol Green Capital Partnership Member LogoWild As The Wind Hydrosol Toners are presented in an amber glass bottle with an atomising cap, and protective lid.

Wild As The Wind is a member of Bristol Green Partnership and is committed to reducing the use of plastics in skincare and cosmetics.

Wild As The Wind Ethics

Cruelty Free LogoWild As The Wind products are all suitable for everyone, including Vegetarians and Vegans

Wild As The Wind products do not contain any animal products and have not been tested on animals.

Wild As The Wind use premium quality ingredients, preferring to use Organic Essential Oils and Organic Base Oils wherever possible.

Hydrosol Facial Toner Testimonials

Hello Rachel I’m back for more of your lovely Rose cleanser/toner

Darlene, Surrey


Love your toner, super feeling left on face when used.

Stephanie, York


I really love your products and the skin of my face looks very good since I use the face oil and rose otto cleanser / toner.
I always used some make up but since I met you at the market in Glastonbury something changed and since then I only use the face oil and don’t use any make up.

Donalda, Netherlands

I love using your cleanser/toner because [of] the easy spray bottle. The scent is heavenly and feminine, and when I wipe my lotion soaked cotton pad over my face it leaves a warm even glow.

Natalie: Chelwood, Bristol

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Frankincense, Geranium, Neroli, Rose Otto, Sandalwood

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