Organic Muslin Cloth

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Wild As The Wind Muslin Cloths are made in the UK from 100% unbleached cotton. They can be bought individually, or in stacks of 3 or 5.

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Organic Muslin Cloths

Organic Muslin Cloths are a very crucial component in any successful skincare routine. They are one of the most important items for optimal skin health.

Wild As The Wind Organic Muslin Cloths

Wild As The Wind Organic Muslin Cloths are made in the UK from 100% unbleached organic cotton to minimise the impact on our environment, whilst also supporting UK workers.

It has never been more important to support UK based independent businesses to keep our economy as strong as possible. Buying from big American online entities sucks the UK economy dry, and will impact job security for ALL OF US.

Shipping all of our profit to the USA is not just harming small UK independent businesses, it is destroying the UK economy for everyone. Sadly, this means less jobs in the UK for your family and friends, as well as you.

Organic Muslin & Brushed Cotton Cloths

It is not necessary to exfoliate every time we cleanse our face. This is why the alternately sided Muslin & Brushed Cotton Cloths are so useful.

Muslin Cloths Keep You Looking Young & Healthy

Muslin cloths considerably improve the condition of our skin in a number of different ways.

  • Muslin cloths slough off old skin cells and help to stimulate new cell growth. Increasing cell turnover keeps our skin looking really healthy & youthful.
  • Muslin cloths help to detox our skin by performing a deeper cleansing action than other cleansing methods. This keeps our facial skin a lot more healthy and less vulnerable to infection.

Muslin Cloths & Jojoba Oil

There’s a good reason why all Wild As The Wind FACIAL OILS contain Organic Jojoba, and why Wild As The Wind always advocates cleansing with Organic Jojoba Oil.

**The Wild As The Wind Makeup Removal Routine advocates using  Organic Jojoba Oil & Witch Hazel combined for optimal effect.

Organic Jojoba Oil softens the sebum in our pores, helping it to release toxins, dead skin cells and dirt. This is because Jojoba Oil shares a very similar chemistry to the sebum of our skin.

When Organic Jojoba Oil is used in conjunction with a good Muslin Cloth the results are exceptional.

Witch Hazel is needed to help lift grease and grime away from the skin instead of using soap. (Most soaps negatively impact the PH levels of our skin, and deposit residues on our faces.)

Organic Muslin Cloths For Cleansing

Use your Muslin Cloth to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin by dampening your cloth with hot water.

Hot water helps to fully open your pores and break down hardened sebum, which is the cause of blackheads. It also helps to lift and remove other impurities from our skin.

The hotter the dampened cloth, the more effective it will be in wiping away impurities.

Starting at your brow, pull the hot damp cloth across the surface of your skin firmly but gently. (No rapid scrubbing motions needed!)

Make your way down your face, working your cloth in and around your closed eyes, down your cheeks to your chin. It should only take a few seconds to reach your chin, and your cloth should still feel warm.

Rinse and repeat at least a couple of times.

Your Muslin Cloth is then best used in combination with a good Hydrosol Toner to deeply cleanse your pores and tonify your skin in preparation for the application of your Facial Oil.

Spray your Hydrosol Toner onto your face, leaving it to soak in for 10 or twenty seconds as you rinse through your Muslin Cloth in hot water. Then, after wringing out your Muslin Cloth thoroughly, use it to wipe off the residual Hydrosol Toner.

Rinse in hot water and repeat.

**Boil your Muslin Cloths regularly to remove any unwanted residues.

Muslin Cloths & Makeup Removal

If you need to remove makeup before cleansing your face, follow the advice given on the Wild As The Wind Makeup Remover product page before following the instructions above.

The Wild As The Wind Makeup Remover protocol is ideal for removing all kinds of makeup, including waterproof makeup.

*Always remember to boil your Muslin Cloths quite regularly to remove any unwanted residues and kill bacteria.

Muslin Cloths For Smoothing & Toning

Your Muslin Cloth will really help to smooth and tone your skin. The exfoliating action of Muslin Cloths removes old skin cells, and detritus from our pores, smoothing out the surface of the skin.

Organic Muslin Cloths & The Environment

Because Wild As The Wind Muslin Cloths are made in the UK from 100% unbleached organic cotton, they are one of the most environmentally friendly options available.

Plus, if you boil your Muslin Cloth regularly there’s no reason why your Muslin Cloths won’t last you many months or years.

This makes it much lighter on the purse than disposable alternatives, and a lot less costly to the earth!

Muslin & Brushed Cotton Cloths Are From The UK

Wild As The Wind Muslin & Brushed Cotton Cloths are sourced from another small UK business.

Why Use UK Organic Muslin Cloths?

We recommend you use Wild As The Wind UK Muslin & Brushed Cotton Cloths because they are excellent at what they do. However, as mentioned earlier, there is another reason…

Sourced in the UK, and made using sustainable, organic cotton, these Organic Muslin Cloths are one of several ways in which Wild As The Wind is attempting to support other creative UK businesses.

Compassion & Community

It really is time to come together and create more cohesive communities.

Creating symbiotic relationships, based on mutual support, is the way forward. Faith in each other, and a mutual respect for each other’s output, is part of the bedrock of the Wild As The Wind ethos.

We believe it’s how a more positive future can emerge.

Hopefully, this is another compelling reason why you will opt to use Wild As The Wind UK Organic Muslin Cloths.

Only investing in what we believe in, and supporting each other in this way, can we navigate our way out of an imminently turbulent future. If we are successful we will build a much better, more beautiful world, where everything is truly possible.

This is the future Wild As The Wind is investing all of it’s trust in.

Because You’re Worth More Than That!

It is quality, not quantity, that matters. Advertising has been used to make us feel insecure about ourselves, so we will keep on buying more and more ‘stuff’ to try and make ourselves feel better… but, all it does is make us feel untrusting and burdened!

Inviting us to indulge in unbridled spending has only made others wealthy. It has not made us feel any more secure!

So, how about choosing to commit to buying only the best for yourself…. and to buying less, not more! That would be a great commitment to yourself to make today.

Just test run the idea to see how it feels and then let me know in the comments if you feel a weight lift off your shoulders… or if you feel a lot more comfortable in your own skin!

Less is the new more!

Wild As The Wind Knows We Are The Answer!

The inspirational principles of community and compassion have always been at the heart of the Wild As The Wind ethos.

Sadly, until recently, the principles of community and compassion have been very much the ideal of the minority, with minimal appeal to others. Now, in the post Covid-19 world, many more of us have grown to understand the true importance of these principles.

It is wonderful to know that, out of the ashes of a largely uncaring world, we can envision a more unifying and inspiring one… no matter the hardships we now face…

If we all come together, the pain and suffering inflicted by these times will only serve to make us all stronger.

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Wild As The Wind products do not contain any animal products & have not been tested on animals. Only premium quality ingredients are used, with a preference for Organic Essential Oils & Organic Carrier Oils wherever possible.

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    These cloth are absolutely amazing. I really couldn’t believe it. At first I used one only on my face but I was soon using others from the pack for my whole body. Smooth as a babies bottom !

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