Mineral Spritz

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Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz is a Magnesium rich spray containing 26 minerals. Excellent for dry, ageing skin & sleep issues…

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Mineral Spritz

Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz revives dry and ageing skin, smoothing and tonifying, leaving your skin looking and feeling a lot healthier. In fact, the appearance of your skin will seem rejuvenated, feeling a lot more youthful and silky to the touch.

Mineral Spritz For Dry Skin

Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz is excellent for reducing dry skin and leaving skin feeling hydrated and silky.

Mineral Spritz As A Deodorant

Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz can be used as a deodorant whilst still allowing your body to perspire naturally. Preventing perspiration is very unhealthy for our bodies.

Mineral Spritz For Problem Skin

Many people use Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz to help with their Eczema and Psoriasis etc. This is very helpful, but there are some cautions to consider.

  • You must not get Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz in your eyes. (Always spray Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz into your hand and apply Mineral Spritz manually to your face, giving your eyes a wide birth.)
  • You must also avoid intimate areas and inside your ears.
  • Mineral Spritz will smart on broken skin, but it will not cause harm.

Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz Ingredients

Mineral Spritz is made using concentrated Dead Sea Salt solution, which delivers a number of essential minerals to the body, and an Essential Oil Hydrosol, which is tonifying for the skin.

Who Can Use Mineral Spritz?

No matter the condition of your skin, Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz will help. It even leaves dry and damaged skin feeling and looking a lot healthier. In fact, it’s rare for Mineral Spritz not to leave skin feeling silky to the touch.

*If you have broken skin or Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea etc, the ancient minerals in Mineral Spritz can smart a little, but they will, nevertheless, be doing your skin no end of good.

Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz Packaging

Mineral Spritz comes in an atomised amber glass bottle for the easy delivery of the mineral hydrosol solution to the body.

Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz Instead Of Bath Salts

Mineral Spritz delivers therapeutic levels of minerals to the skin.

It contains twenty-six vitally important minerals, with Magnesium being the main mineral present.

But, there’s other vitally important minerals, such as; Zinc and Potassium.

Mineral Spritz is a great way to replace the use of bath salts because it’s much easier to use in terms of timing as well as delivery to the body. Mineral Spritz is even portable, so you can take it to the gym and on holiday.

Mineral Spritz Versus Bath Salts

The main benefits of Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz over bath salts are:

  • Magnesium is the anti-cramping nutrient, which is great for aching muscles after a work-out.
  • No bath required
  • Good Magnesium levels are required for a good night’s sleep.
  • Sadly, the modern diet contains way too much sugar… a lot of it hidden in bread, sauces and other processed foods… which robs the body of Magnesium, leaving about 90% of us deficient in this vitally critical nutrient.
  • It takes 47 Magnesium molecules to process one sugar molecule! Magnesium is perhaps our most important mineral, and so this has a devastating effect on the body.

Mineral Spritz Directions For Use…

As a general rule of thumb, spray a minimum of 10 sprays of Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz to your arms after bathing, and again in the afternoon or before bedtime, whichever suits you best.

If you feel you are mineral deficient, apply up to five times a day.

Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz can be applied anywhere on the body, but most prefer to spritz on to their arms for ease of use.

More specific instructions for use are detailed below.

Love Hearts

Precautions & General Information

Avoid direct and indirect contact with eyes!

ALWAYS RINSE IMMEDIATELY with cold water if any mineral salt solution gets into your eyes!

Mineral Spritz is designed to be used as a body spray. You can use Mineral Spritz on any part of your body where dry skin is in evidence, aside from on the intimate parts of your body.

Do not spray directly on your face :: apply to hands first and then gently rub into the required area, avoiding contact with eyes.

Rinse hands after application.

Mineral Spritz can cause temporary itching and soreness immediately after application, but it isn’t doing you any harm. Quite the opposite!

Mineral Spritz is very helpful for conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis, but it definitely has a tendency to sting somewhat when applied. This will die down in five or ten minutes, and it’s worth enduring the discomfort for the benefits obtained.

There is no maximum dosage of Mineral Spritz, but using too much is wasteful, so try and calibrate how much you need personally to achieve your desired results.

*We are all different. One person will need a couple more sprays than the next person… but, you will figure out your optimal daily application of Mineral Spritz pretty quickly. Just pay attention to how your skin feels and how you feel!

The following guidelines are a great starting point…

Mineral Spritz Daily Usage

If you are simply using Mineral Spritz for the mineral content, apply it to your arms, inside and out, for ease of use. Ten squirts on each arm in the morning, and in the afternoon, rubbed in vigorously until dry, will help fend off afternoon slumps and help you sleep better at night. Try applying another ten sprays per arm an hour or so before bed if you are still struggling to sleep at night.

Apply Mineral Spritz After Exercising

Spray Mineral Spritz to the areas of your body which are normally sore after exercise. 10 – 15 spray per leg, and 10 sprays per arm is usually enough. But increase if you feel you need to. There is no excess dosage, but, using too much is wasteful. Ten sprays for the shoulder, 5 sprays on each, should be enough. Apply a moisturising base oil or body oil after applying Mineral Spritz if you feel you would like to.

I love your mineral spritz spray & use it morning & night because it helps me get a better nights sleep.

Sue, Axbridge, Somerset

About Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz For Dry & Damaged Skin

Use as much Mineral Spritz as is necessary to reduce dryness and roughness of the skin, rubbing until dry and skin is softer to the touch. A small number of sprays will be required for small areas of damaged skin, but a larger number will be required if your dry skin extends over both or your legs, for example. Approximately 15 sprays per leg is usually enough.

***The appearance of dry skin often disappears instantly after application. However, extremely dry, scaly and hardened skin will not be resolved so quickly. Only regular and persistent use will improve the appearance of such damaged skin. And this is true of the rashes which occur due to Psoriasis and Eczema etc. *If you suffer from Psoriasis and Eczema, it is important for you to remove toxins and allergens from your life. Apply a moisturising base oil or body oil after applying Mineral Spritz.

Mineral Spritz As An Aftershave

Spray about 5 squirts of Mineral Spritz into your hands and pat onto your face after shaving. The mineral salts will prevent infection, and will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch. Mineral Spritz is great for reducing irritation after shaving.

Mineral Spritz As A Deodorant

Mineral Spritz has the ability to reduce the bacteria which leads to body odour. So, applying a few sprays, (4 or 5), to each armpit each morning, and rubbing it in, will allow your skin to breathe and perspire, as normal, but without any unpleasant odours. *It isn’t healthy to prevent perspiration!!

Feedback For Mineral Spritz

The spitz is very hydrating and I really love that.

Jacqui, London

I could not believe how much a few sprays of the mineral spray would help my overall health and sleep.

Feona, Southern Ireland

We are very happy on so many levels and use nothing else but Wild As The Wind. I have also started using the Neroli Mineral Spritz for hard to reach dry areas and it is helping…. thank you.

Helen, Birmingham, UK

Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz Packaging

Bristol Green Capital Partnership Member LogoWild As The Wind Mineral Spritz comes in amber glass bottles with an atomising cap, and protective lid.

Wild As The Wind is a member of Bristol Green Partnership and is committed to reducing the use of plastics in skincare and cosmetics.

Wild As The Wind Ethics

Cruelty Free Logo

Wild As The Wind products are suitable for everyone, including Vegetarians & Vegans.

Wild As The Wind products do not contain any animal products & have not been tested on animals. Only premium quality ingredients are used, with a preference for Organic Essential Oils & Organic Carrier Oils wherever possible.

Additional information

Bottle Size

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Frankincense, Neroli, Rose Otto, Sandalwood

7 reviews for Mineral Spritz

  1. Nicky (verified owner)

    Pure intuition led me to finding Wild As The Wind a couple of years ago. There I discovered a treasure trove of goodies and Rachel’s unique creations – all designed with love, care and wisdom, together with a pioneering spirit. Over time I have enjoyed many of them. After having been unwell, a particular favourite at this time is Rachel’s Mineral Spritz with Sandalwood. I chose the Sandalwood Blend as I love its nurturing and tonic qualities and fragrance. This Mineral Spritz has enabled me to relax body and mind, and sleep has a better quality. I spray it all over my body at bedtime, paying particular attention to my legs as these have been weakened when I was unwell. When I feel the need I use it in the day as well, applying to soles of feet, inner wrists, neck and top of the head.
    Also as part of my return to health and wellness, I use Rachel’s Fortitude Blend of essential oils that I inhale on and off throughout the day. I am also a great fan of Thieves Oil 2020 that I massage my feet with every morning especially after my recent debilitating episode. All three products are such a joy to use. Continue to shine your light dear Rachel.

  2. Eleanor (verified owner)

    After using the mineral spritz on my arms for a few weeks I noticed that the backs of my arms are finally smooth!! The skin has always been bumpy and dry which no amount of creams or exfoliating has ever got rid of! My 11 year old son has always had dry itchy skin on his back, so I started spritzing him and his skin is lovely and soft now with no itchiness!! Amazing stuff!!

    • Rachel Wild

      Dear Eleanor, this is such great news. I’m so glad you and your son are receiving so many benefits from Mineral Spritz. Thanks so much for sharing your stories here. x x x x

  3. Ross

    I am about to re order the Mineral spritz, which I have been using for about 3 years ( along with with Face Oil no 2 which I apply at night) I spray the Spritz on my face after a shower. I love the fresh feeling and slight tingle from it. Rachel’s products are wonderful, I am a complete convert

    • Rachel Wild

      Thanks very much Ross. Your feedback is very much appreciated. I’m so glad you enjoy Mineral Spritz so much. x x x (I’ve seen your order… it looks like you’ve done your Christmas shopping early this year. x x x)

  4. Zarreen (verified owner)

    I bought the mineral spritz (rose Otto) recently. Not only does it smell amazing it has helped me with a finger that was lumpy and quite sore. The lumpiness has gone and no pain after using it twice a day over a week or so! I also use it to spray on my legs for muscle spasms and I think it is helping me with that too. I am ordering again and will try on my face as well. Hopefully it will help with hydrating the dryness on my skin. Thank you Rachel

    • Rachel Wild

      Hi Zareen, thanks so much for providing such great feedback. I am so pleased Mineral Spritz is working so well for you.

  5. Kerry

    Mineral Spritz ( Neroli Aroma) used in conjunction with Bath & Body Oil I met Rachel on her stall in Wells Market a few weeks ago and she recommended that I use her Mineral Spritz and Bath & Body Oil daily on the dry skin on my lower legs, particularly the shins. I am pleased to say that they have never felt softer! I will definitely be carrying on with this new regime!

    • Rachel Wild

      Thanks for such a glowing, informative review, Kerry. It’s very much appreciated. I’m really glad they have done the trick for you. x x x

  6. Denise (verified owner)

    I love mineral spritz. I used to get cramp in my legs on a nightly basis , however since spraying my legs and arms before going to bed the cramps have disappeared. You did tell me I was magnesium deficient at Westonbirt School Christmas Fayre so bought some and used ever since. It also helps me sleep.

    • Rachel Wild

      Dear Denise, I am so grateful for your feedback, and I’m especially pleased Mineral Spritz is working so well for you. Sleep is everything! But, it’s only when it is disrupted do we realise the full impact insufficient sleep can have on us! It is certainly a cornerstone of health. I’m very glad we met up at Westonbrit. Thanks again. x x x

  7. Daisy

    I absolutely love this mineral spritz! I use it on my arms and face, the oils just soak into your skin and you can really feel the benefit of all the essential oils! My kiddies love it too!!

    • Rachel Wild

      Hi Daisy, thanks so much for sharing how much you love Mineral Spritz! For such a simple product it does us an awful lot of good! Aside from the profound healing benefit of the essential oil, in this product, (there’s one essential oil in each), it’s all of the 26 minerals, that so many of us are deficient in, which have such transformative health benefits for our health and skin. Mineral Spritz, as you know can transform dry skin, (a symptom of magnesium deficiency), in an instant, but did you know that magnesium and the other minerals in Mineral Spritz which find their way to where they are most needed in order to deliver a lot of the healing potential contained in this product? Our bodies need minerals for every function they perform, so dietary deficiency results in all kinds of unpleasant symptoms. Insomnia is a biggy, but deteriorating skin is another. The beauty of mineral Spritz is that it delivers all of the minerals to the skin, instantly making it look better, whilst traveling deep enough to enter the blood supply where it travels to the parts of the body which need mineralisation the most, thereby eradicating deficiencies at a systemic level. Stress and short tempers are also a sign of mineral deficiency, so people who use Mineral Spritz tend to see an improvement in their sleep, temperament, outlook and anxiety levels as well as all the outward benefits of having silky soft skin where it used to be dry and flakey…

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