Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri Superfine Pure UK 250g


Super-fine Zeolite Clay, with many applications and benefits, from The Clay Cure, Devon, UK. Pack size: 250g


Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri Superfine Pure UK

This Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri UK, is a 250g pack.

You can purchase a larger pack of Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri UK, in a 900g pack.

Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri Superfine Pure UK By The Clay Cure

This UK Zeolite Active Clinoptilolite, by The Clay Cure, is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral, which was formed from lava and ash, which fell into the sea millions of years ago.

Most people know Zeolite by the term Zeolite Clay, but there are differing qualities of this electromagnetically charged, profoundly detoxifying substance. This Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri Superfine Pure, by the Clay Cure, is of a particularly fine quality, for all of the reasons listed below.

This UK Zeolite Clay is possibly the best quality UK Zeolite available.

Owing to the finely micronized particle size, this Clay Cure Zeolite is much more bioavailable than many other options. In short, it possesses an excellent absorptive action.

The Clay Cure are a Devon based UK company.

The Clay Cure Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri Superfine Pure UK is not intended for internal use, owing to UK restrictions on the use of Zeolite Clay.

*However, it is important to note that Zeolite is approved as a UK feed additive EU 558

**UK denotes geographic availability and not the origin of this Zeolite Clay. This product is sourced from the wild Carpathian Mountains, in Central Europe.

What Is Zeolite Clay?

Zeolite Clinoptilolite is essentially a mineral, but one that is blessed with unique and remarkable properties.

Being electromagnetically charged, it has the ability to draw and neutralise toxins, from the tissues of the body. This process is known as binding.

Beneficial Uses Include:

  • Refreshing face mask
  • Foot bath ingredient
  • Full emersion therapy, to cleanse the skin

Zeolite As A Binder

Zeolite is known as a binder owing to it’s binding capabilities.

The binding properties of Zeolite Clinoptilolite are broadly understood. It is thus, used in many different fields, including:

  • As a mineral additive in animal feed, in the rearing of young animals
  • Odour binding
  • Soil conditioning
  • Fish farming, for water purification
  • Cosmetic applications

Zeolite Particle Size Matters

The particle size of this Clay Cure Zeolite is less than 20 microns.

Micronised Zeolite is a very fine powder.

The Zeolite offered by some other UK companies is often marketed as being micronised, even when the micron size is 100. Sadly, 100 micron size Zeolite results in a much more rough powder, which is not as well utilised by the body.

It is, therefore, very important to establish the micron size of the various UK options of Zeolite Clay, prior to purchasing.

Possible Benefits of Zeolite Clay

Zeolite Clayhas as many potential benefits as it has uses. It is thought to do the following:

  • Balance Ph levels,
  • Reduce free radicals
  • Increase assimilation / improve nutrient absorption
  • Aid detoxification
  • Cleansing action

Suggested Use Of Zeolite Clay:

Zeolite Clay can no longer be advertised as a food grade product, due to a clamp down by UK Trading Standards. This directive has been broadly missed by many of the people who use Zeolite Clay therapeutically, many of whom do so by using it internally.

As Wild As The Wind are aware of this directive, we cannot advocate using any Zeolite Clays internally.

This Zeolite Clay can, however, be used in a number of beneficial ways:

  • Mixed with filtered water and applied topically
  • Added to a foot bath
  • Full bath emersion
  • Mixed with filtered water and applied as a face mask

Please note, the choice of application used is the sole responsibility of the user. Neither Wild As The Wind nor The Clay Cure can be held responsible for the way in which you chose to use this product.

There are a good number of books about using clays therapeutically, some of which are dedicated to the subject of Zeolite Clay. Wild As The Wind advocate the purchase of one such book to establish the best means of using Zeolite Clay.


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Critical Review on Zeolite Clinoptilolite Safety and Medical Applications in vivo

US Government Website: National Institute Of Health: Histamine-binding capacities of different natural zeolites: a comparative study


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