Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri UK 900g


Super-fine Zeolite Clay, with many applications & benefits, from The Clay Cure, Devon, UK. Pack size: 900g


Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri UK

This Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri UK, is a 900g pack of pure, superfine Zeolite Clay.

You can purchase this premium grade Zeolite Clay in two smaller sizes:

What Is Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri UK?

Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri UK, is an active Clinoptilolite Zeolite Clay, which offers a broad number of applications.

Zeolite Clay is an electromagnetically charged, mineral rich clay, formed millions of years ago, from organic molten ash. It is a profoundly mineral dense, and detoxifying substance.

Being electromagnetically charged, it has the ability to draw and neutralise toxins, from the tissues of the body.

It has been used for millennia to remineralise and detoxify.

These days, it is known that there are c. 45 different forms of naturally occurring Zeolite clays.

However, only Clinoptilolite Zeolite should be used for detoxification.

This Zeolite Clay can also be used for face and body masks, or added to your bath, for a detoxifying bath.

Owing to the fact that this Zeolite Clay is electromagnetically charged, it must not be used with metal implements, as this will negate the charge.

Zeolite Clinoptilolite / Zeo Nutri UK By The Clay Cure

Zeo Nutri UK, by The Clay Cure, Devon, is a very fine Zeolite Clay with a micronised particle size. This makes it suitable for more applications than other Zeolite Clays.

Benefits of Zeolite Clay

This Clinoptilolite Zeolite Clay possesses many potential benefits.

It is thought to do the following:

  • Balance Ph levels,
  • Reduce free radicals within the body
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Aid detoxification
  • Exert a cleansing action

Zeolite Detox Bath

One of the key applications of Zeolite Clay, is for natural detox baths.

Using Zeo Nutri UK, by The Clay Cure, Devon, for bathing means that the benefits are greater than when using other alternatives. This is because this Zeolite Clay is a lot more bio-available.

Zeolite detox baths deliver minerals to the body whilst also drawing toxic waste from the body.

The heat exerted by the hot water in Zeolite detox baths further helps facilitate this process.

In addition, you can further enhance the benefits of your by adding Organic Lemon Essential Oil, or Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil to your bath with a tablespoon of light carrier oil, such as Organic Raspberry Seed Oil, or Organic Borage Seed Oil.

Preparing Your Zeolite Detox Bath

Zeolite detox baths can be prepared by simply adding 2 tablespoons of Clinoptilolite Zeolite Clay to your bath water.

*Remember to avoid using a metal implement for measuring your Clinoptilolite Zeolite Clay. A wooden spoon would be an ideal alternative.

The pH value of your bath water will vary slightly from region to region, depending on whether you have hard or soft water.

The pH value of your Zeolite bath will be in the 8.5 pH to 9 pH range.

Zeolite detox baths are best taken twice a week to achieve optimal results.

Zeolite detox baths should last between 30 to 60 minutes.

Alternatively, you can make a paste from your Zeolite Clay, by adding a small amount of water, and then apply it to your body prior to getting into your bath.

Allow the clay to dry on your skin prior to getting into your bath.

Reduce your immersion time in your Zeolite bath accordingly.

Do not add essential oils or carrier oils to the Zeolite Clay for topical application. Simply add your oils to your bath after it has been drawn.

You can also apply a good Bath & Body Oil after rinsing off after your bath.

For more uses of Zeolite Clay, please read on…

Zeolite As A Binder

Zeolite is known as a binder due to its ability to bind with toxins.

The binding properties of Zeolite Clinoptilolite Clay are broadly understood. Consequently, Zeolite Clinoptilolite Clay is used in many different fields, including:

  • Farming – as a mineral additive in animal feed, especially in the rearing of young animals
  • Personal Care & Household Products for odour binding
  • Farming – for soil conditioning
  • Fish farming – for water purification
  • Cosmetic applications

Additional Uses Of Zeolite Clay

Zeolite Clay can no longer be advertised as a food grade product, despite being used as a nutritive feed for rearing young animals, etc.

This is due to a clamp down by UK Trading Standards.

However, the knowledge of this has been broadly missed by many Zeolite Clay users, who continue to use Zeolite Clay therapeutically, for internal consumption.

As Wild As The Wind are aware of this directive, we cannot advocate using any Zeolite Clays internally.

However, Wild As The Wind also recognise that not all decisions made by governing bodies turn out to be good ones. For example, many pharmaceutical drugs, that gain approval, are withdrawn years later when serious side effects are acknowledged, affecting large numbers of people. And, a recent law in Canada was introduced, banning all natural supplements, which will hopefully be repealed before this decision can inflict equivalent levels of harm.

We are all human. We all make mistakes.

This Zeolite Clay can, however, be used in a number of beneficial ways:

  • Mixed with filtered water and applied topically
  • Added to a foot bath
  • Mixed with filtered water and applied as a face mask

Please note, the choice of application used is the sole responsibility of the user. Neither Wild As The Wind nor The Clay Cure can be held responsible for the way in which you chose to use this product.

There are a good number of books about using clays therapeutically, some of which are dedicated to the subject of Zeolite Clay.

Wild As The Wind advocate the purchase of one such book to establish the best means of using Zeolite Clay.

Zeolite Particle Size Matters

The particle size of this Zeolite is less than 20 microns.

Micronised Zeolite is a very fine powder.

The Zeolite offered by some other UK companies is often marketed as being micronised, even when the micron size is 100. Sadly, 100 micron size Zeolite results in a much more rough powder, which is not as well utilised by the body.

It is, therefore, very important to establish the micron size of the various UK options of Zeolite Clay, prior to purchasing.


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