Thieves Oil 2020

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Thieves Oil 2020 is a hand blended oil using organic essential oils and food grade Organic Nigella Sativa Seed Oil. It is suitable for topical application. (Restrictions apply – please read usage instructions prior to purchase.)

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Thieves Oil 2020

Thieves Oil 2020 is a proprietary blend of organic essential oils in a base of Nigella Sativa Seed Oil. The organic essential oils in Thieves Oil 2020 are diluted at a 5% dilution, making Thieves Oil 2020 suitable for local topical application.

Wild As The Wind Thieves Oil 2020

Wild As The Wind Thieves Oil 2020 is different to other Thieves Oil preparations, so it is important to read all of the directions for use before using it. Wild As The Wind Thieves Oil 2020 contains some of the most potent antibacterial and antiviral essential oils there are, making it stronger than other preparations available. But, this also means that it needs to be administered with more care

Recommended use includes applying Thieves Oil 2020 to pulse points on the wrists and neck, for the cleansing and healing of wounds and for application on small areas of external skin. It can also been worn under the nose, (above the upper lip), whilst flying or in hospitals and doctors surgeries to help prevent respiratory infections. (This will only work if breathing through the mouth is avoided.)

When applied to the first tingling sensation of an emerging cold sore it will likely stop it in it’s tracks.

It can be applied to the sinus areas of the face to alleviate sinusitis, and can be applied to the neck to alleviate throat infections and Vagus Nerve infections, which are very common, and can be serious. It can also be gargled in warm water to kill throat infections.

Wild As The Wind Thieves Oil 2020 is also a potent antifungal. It can be used for toenail fungus and athletes foot, and can even be used for wart and verruca remediation.

It is also ideal for application on boils and spots which contain pus.

Why Is Wild As The Wind Thieves Oil 2020 Different?

There were two compelling reasons to create an optimal version of Thieves Oil at the beginning of 2020, the most obvious being that a hard-hitting antiviral and antibacterial was evidentially much needed. However, the truth be known, I had flown to Italy in October 2019 in search of artisan citrus essential oils, and had fallen ill with a very heavy-duty flu-like illness which I had caught on the plane. So, when I flew to Bulgaria at the end of January to meet with my Bulgarian oil supplier, I had already created myself a ‘Flying Oil’ to prevent this ever happening again.

Despite the first official cases of coronavirus being documented in December 2019, I did not get ill as a consequence of this trip. I was greeted on my return by Storm Dennis on the 15th February, but thankfully he arrived a little later than anticipated and so my flight was able to land.

Flying Oil soon morphed into Wild As The Wind Thieves Oil 2020 as there were misconceptions around the name.

The second key reason for creating Wild As The Wind Thieves Oil 2020 with some of the most potent phenol containing oils, which includes Organic Thyme Red Essential Oil, (a natural progesterone), is so that this product could also be used to combat synthetic Oestrogens, known as Xenoestrogens, which are causing both women and men so many problems. Most Xenoestrogens get into our bodies and disrupt hormone function via plastics within the food chain, including bottled water, as well as some ubiquitously used ingredients within personal care products, such as parabens and phthalates etc. Many of the chemicals used to spray crops are also Xenoestrogenic, which permits them access to the food chain and water supplies.

Learn more here: Thieves Oil 2020 For Hormone & EMF Detox

*Wild As The Wind Thieves Oil 2020 may also help reduce the harms caused by wireless technologies, which is responsible for an immense amount of non-native EMF, (synthetic electromagnetic fields). Wireless technologies have been scientifically shown to reduce the effectiveness of our immune systems by as much as 40%. In fact, there is a welter of peer reviewed scientific research illustrating just how profoundly harmful unnatural EMF’s are for us.
This is what wireless tech is doing to a our blood. [VIDEO: 2.43 minutes]

Thieves Oil 2020 may protect us against the following:

  • Viral infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Yeast / mould / fungal infections
  • Parasitic infections
  • Xenoestrogens
  • Wireless Technologies / Non-Native EMF

Thieves Oil 2020 Feedback

I have been using the Thieves oil for a very angry rash on my legs and face for only a short while. It is amazing how soothing it has been right from the start. It has also been excellent at healing the scarring.

Caroline, Epsom, Surrey

Please view the original feedback in the comments on the Testimonials Page of the Wild As The Wind Information Website.

I combine [the use of] Facial Oil No2 with Thieves Oil 2020 as a way of balancing my hormones, especially detoxifying xenoestrogens. I have found a facial oil and wellbeing product that I can’t part with and would highly highly recommend!

Chrissie, Bath, Somerset

See the original testimonial in the FACIAL OIL No. 2 Review Section

My son said to me the other day he was feeling a bit run down. So I rubbed on his feet, tummy, hands and temples with the thieves oil at bed time. He was feeling ok the next day! So thank you again for producing such amazing products!! The scents are so very comforting…

Nicole, Dorking, Surrey

Thieves oil has been wonderful to use during lockdown. We’ve rubbed it on our feet & hands, it smells divine & my sons age 11 & 14 have loved using it too.

Victoria, Bournemouth, Dorset

All other Thieves Oil 2020 feedback has been placed at the end of this product page. Please scroll down to read it.

Thieves Oil 2020 Ingredients

Thieves Oil 2020 Directions For Use

There’s a number of different ways of using Thieves Oil 2020, but it is not suitable for everyone. So, it’s important to read all of this usage advice, especially if you are intending to use this product for children.

Thieves Oil 2020 Suitability

Wild As The Wind Thieves Oil 2020 is a pre-diluted essential oil blend suitable for topical application on localised areas of skin. It is safe to use on all skin types.

Thieves Oil 2020 contains several organic essential oils, which are combined at a 5% dilution within Organic Nigella Sativa Seed Oil [Food Grade].

*Local topical application means it is suitable for use over a small portion of the body and thus should not be used as a massage oil.

*It must be further diluted with a good base oil if it is to be used on a broader area of the body.

*Contact with eyes and inside the ear should be avoided.

*There are age restrictions applicable to this product. Please read the section pertaining to children for special usage instructions.

Thieves Oil 2020 is only suitable for local topical application and not for use in a diffuser or oil burner. There is a pure essential oil blend of Thieves Oil 2020 which is suitable for diffusing :: Thieves Essential Oil 2020

Thieves Essential Oil 2020 is a complementary product to another pure essential oil blend :: Thieves Comprehensive Essential Oil. The difference between these two aromatherapy oil blends is that Thieves Essential Oil 2020 is suitable for acute use for adults and children over the age of 10 years of age, and Thieves Comprehensive Essential Oil is suitable for more extended periods of use by all those two years and above. However, it is important to take a break from using essential oils for a few days every now and then.

Thieves Oil 2020 Application

Pulse Points

Apply Thieves Oil 2020 to the Pulse Points of your wrists, or your Vagus Points, behind your ear lobes, just behind the hinge of the mandible / jaw bone. More information about Using Thieves Oil 2020 for Vagus Nerve Massage.

It is thought that up to 90% of us have an infected Vagus Nerve, and because this important nerve connects the brain to all the major organs of the body, it is sadly a brilliant delivery system for infection throughout the body.

It is thought that dental infections are responsible for up to 90% of heart attacks after the dental infections hitch a ride on the Vagus Nerve to the heart.

If you have dental or sinus problems it is important to gargle and oil pull with Thieves Oil 2020. Learn about oil pulling here: Morning Detox Protocols.


If you have sinusitis, you can directly apply 2 to 3 drops of Thieves Oil 2020 to the area of your face around your cheekbones, massaging it into your skin in small, firm circular motions, starting at your ears and slowly working your way to the side and under your nose. Also apply it to the centre of your temple.

You can also massage Thieves Oil 2020 into your gums and mouth, using your finger tips to distribue the oil into your gums along the upper and lower jaw bones, allowing the warmth of your finger tips to propel the oil deep into the tissue of your mouth.

Also use the fingertips of both hands to massage your temples, paying particular attention to the area of your ‘third eye’ in the centre of your forehead.

Avoid all contact with eyes. Also close eyes if they experience any discomfort from the ambient intensity of the essential oil content of your Thieves Oil 2020 when it’s being applied to your face.

Intestinal Dysbiosis

If you have an infection in your gut then topical application of Thieves Oil 2020 will alleviate symptoms and help clear the infection.

Thieves Oil 2020 will help with viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections.

In exceptional circumstances Thieves Oil 2020 can be taken internally to help clear a known parasitic infection, and for extreme cases of yeast and bacterial overgrowth.

Frequency Of Use

Applying two to four drops of oil, up to a maximum of five times a day, will help to clear systemic infections and support immune health.

It is important to take a few days break from Thieves Oil 2020 if you have been using it for ten days straight.

This is because Thieves Oil 2020 contains a small amount of Eugenol.

Most infections should have cleared within 10 days.

However, if you are using Thieves Oil 2020 as a prophylactic, to support immune function and prevent bacterial, fungal or viral infection, then it is very important to take a few days off every couple of weeks.

It’s fine to switch to using an alternative essential oil blend in the interim, (such as a diluted Thieves Comprehensive Essential Oil), before reverting back to Thieves Oil 2020 for another couple of weeks or so.

It’s important to avoid the indefinite use of the same aromatherapy oils in all cases. This is especially true of essential oil blends which contain some of the more potent aromatherapy oils like Organic Oregano Essential Oil and Organic Clove Essential Oil, as Thieves Oil 2020 does.

This advice is untypically cautious. Other advocates of essential oil safety do not specify taking such caution, but it’s important to realise the compounds in essential oils, especially the ones used in Thieves Oil 2020, are as potent as medicines. So, it is best to err on the side of caution rather than overdo it.

Using your essential oil blends intermittently will help you to avoid the risk of bioaccumulation of the active constituents in essential oils.


Use half a teaspoon of Thieves Oil 2020 in a small glass of warm water as a gargle for sore throats.

Internal Consumption

Whilst it is possible to take Thieves Oil 2020 internally, the external use of this product in preference to internal consumption is advised wherever possible. External usage of Thieves Oil 2020 will be effective in most instances.

The organic essential oils in Thieves Oil 2020 are diluted with food grade Nigella Sativa Seed Oil, at a 5% dilution.

Half a teaspoon (tsp), of this oil contains two drops of essential oil. This can be further diluted with another food grade base oil, like Olive Oil, or it can be added to a glass of warm water for internal consumption. This can be taken up to a maximum of twice daily, for a period of ten days only. Take a break of one month before resuming, if desired.

*Thieves Oil 2020 is suitable for internal consumption for the over 10’s, but it must be diluted further, in a dessert spoon of Olive Oil, or other quality edible base oil.

Daily consumption for those of 10 years to 14 years of age needs to be limited to half a teaspoon of Thieves Oil 2020, along with a dessert spoon of Olive Oil, or other edible oil.

Thieves Oil 2020 can only be taken internally for a maximum of 10 days within all applicable age groups and then there should be a one month break regardless of age.

Thieves Oil 2020 is not suitable for the under 10’s… please see below.

Thieves Oil 2020 For Children

Fourteen Years Of Age & Over

The normal usage instructions apply to those who are fourteen and above.

Ten to Fourteen Years Of Age

The over tens can use Thieves Oil 2020 safely if it is further diluted with an edible oil at a ratio of 1:1. (This means 50% Thieves Oil 2020 to 50% edible oil of your choice.)

Ten Years & Under

Thieves Oil 2020 is not really suitable for those under ten years of age, but again, there are many advocates of essential oil safety who would not be so inclined to offer such limiting advice.

Nevertheless, the prevailing understanding within complementary health is that it’s best to allow children to develop their own natural immune system for a good few years before exposing them to strong essential oils and prescription medications etc.

However, if you face an emergency with your child, who is two years of age or older, and the only thing to hand that will help is Thieves Oil 2020, then it can certainly be used in this instance as a one-off. 

The only other exceptions are if a child is suffering from a life threatening condition and the only other alternatives are antibiotics or injections, both of which are likely to interfere more significantly with a child’s natural immune development.

Nevertheless, there are gentler essential oils which possess antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and antiviral properties, so there is no need to resort to the strongest oils in almost all cases.

This is why Wild As The Wind Thieves Comprehensive Essential Oil has been developed. It contains some of the most gentle essential oils which possess these healing powers.

Thieves Comprehensive Essential Oil is suitable for use by all those two years and above, but, as a pure essential oil blend, will need to be diluted in a good carrier oil before topical use can take place.

Other Options For Under 10’s

The under tens should use essential oils which are proven safe for their age group. The amount of essential oils, which are suitable for use with the under tens, increase year by year, from zero essential oils for babies of 6 months or younger, to a handful by the age of two, increasing quite notably after five years of age.

Read Essential Oil Safety For Babies & Children for dosage amounts and dilutions of these alternative essential oil.

The following essential oils may be considered for children over the age of two and under the age of ten years of age:

Thieves Oil 2020 Directions For The Over Tens

Thieves Oil 2020 is best used acutely, and not for prolonged periods.

Apply two drops of Thieves Oil 2020 to the pulse points and Vagus nerve points behind the ears, up to 5 times a day.

A couple of drops of Thieves Oil 2020 can be applied to the base of children’s feet if preferred.

DO NOT send your child off to school with Thieves Oil 2020. You need to administer Thieves Oil 2020 like you would a medicine.

Other Uses For Thieves Oil 2020

Thieves Oil 2020 can be applied as an antiseptic and can be used on infected wounds and toothache.

Thieves Oil 2020 can be used topically to treat dermal yeast infections.

When applied topically to the abdominal region Thieves Oil 2020 will aid digestion and with consistent use over the period of ten days may rid us of intestinal parasites.

Directions For Abdominal Application

Warm a few drops of Thieves Oil 2020 in the palms of your hands before rubbing them gently in a rhythmical motion over your abdomen. Continue massaging until all of the oil has been absorbed. Use up to three times daily.

Avoid direct contact with clothing until fully absorbed.

Thieves Oil 2020 Cautions & Contraindications

Avoid contact with eyes. Should you accidentally get Thieves Oil 2020 in your eyes rinse with cold water immediately. Then use mild soap to wash the oil away. The affected area will feel warm for a while as most of the oils in Thieves Oil 2020 are circulatory stimulants. This sensation will fade in a few hours.

Thieves Oil 2020 Contraindications

Do not use whilst pregnant or nursing.

Not be used on children under ten years of age.

Thieves Oil 2020 Reviews

★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: We are using Thieves 2 times a day as a family (two boys age 14 & 11) applying to the soles of our feet and inhaling, then rubbing over our hands. It smells wonderful. It’s very uplifting and calming at the same time. I had to come back to buy 2 more bottles for family as I truly wouldn’t want to be with out this oil at the moment. xx Thank You xx
Victoria, Bournemouth
An amazing oil. Not only the smell is divine, but I truly believe it works like a magic for our nerve system. Very uplifting and calming. We are using the oil twice a day, in the morning inhaling and rubbing over our hands, and in the evening at the point where vagus nerve ends, bottom of the feet, inhaling and back of the neck (sometimes on chest area too). Truly great quality oil, it is indeed the first-aid kit of modern days. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to uplift and heal humanity, Rachel!
Kristina, Brentwood, Essex
Hi lovely, thanks for delivery today, my boys loved the smell of thieves oil. Many thanks x x
Tori, South West
Hi Rachel, I just wanted to say thank you for my wonderful Shungite pendant, Thieves oil and lovely handwritten note that came through the post this morning. I’m loving the Thieves Oil… I love the smell… and am really feeling the comfort from it, especially [as] my foundations have been well and truly rocked so I needed to spend a week restoring my energy and vibration, it’s amazing how much it can sap and drain your wellbeing!
Antonia, Newmarket :: Kinesiologist
Thank you so much for the thieves oil, lovely smell, x
Nicolette, Bedfordshire
★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: My oils have arrived! Thank you. They smell wonderful. Already using Thieves Oil. Its gorgeous.
Victoria, Dorset
★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: Great service and information and the oil smells wonderful. Will enjoy using it thank you 🙂
Charley, Portsmouth
It was so lovely to receive your handwritten message along with the Thieves Oil 2020 blend. I am genuinely touched by your words and beautiful intentions.
Anna, Eastleigh, South East

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6 reviews for Thieves Oil 2020

  1. Carol Seville (verified owner)

    This is the first time that I have ordered thieves oil and I do so on my Mum’s recommendation. She swears by it. As others have said, it is calming, smells wonderful and is fabulous for the immune system. Other reasons that my Mum likes it is because she says that it works wonders on any form of blemish, including bites. She even uses it on her Bulbous Pemphigoid blisters (immune system related condition) and the blisters disappear overnight. She loves it!

    • Rachel Wild

      Dear Carol, thanks so much for this great review. I LOVE IT when I learn something new, which I have definitely done with your feedback. Sending lots of love to you and your mum x x x

  2. Tracy Lewis

    This is something I’ve never tried before so thank you Rachel. Absolutely love this – some of my favorite oils in this and it’s been in the diffuser all day. I will order this in the future for sure x

    • Rachel Wild

      Thanks for the great review Tracy, I’m really glad you’re enjoying your essential oils so much. x x

  3. Sharon (verified owner)

    I got Covid last week and along with a good stock of Vitamins / Cellular Silver / Oxylift is my Thieves Oil. I bought the Thieves Oil in March and as with ALL of the products Ive brought from Rachel it is magical. I rub the oil on my chest, the Lung part of my feet, and into my Palms and behind my ears, massaging it onto my upper chest and lungs. During this very sweet ritual I keep inhaling the Thieves Oil with my hands over my nose. It’s been so soothing, and the smell is just so calming too. It feels like a permanent part of my medical cabinet from here onwards. I’ve just ordered some extra so I can gift it to someone who may need it over the next few months. REAL Medicine that is so sweet and has this wonderful grace of pure energy which is what we all ought to have in our medicine cabinets – I hope that one day soon this vision will be a reality. Thank you Rachel for your kindness, skill, passion and for sharing your gift with this world. Love Sharon x

    • Rachel Wild

      Thanks Sharon, I really hope the Thieves Oil 2020 has eased your symptoms and speeded up your recovery… it can provide a significant boost to our immunity. Wishing you well for 2021! x

  4. Melanie (verified owner)

    I love this Thieves Oil 2020 Blend, and I’m on my second bottle. It has become a ritual to rub on after the equally amazing Frankincense and St Johns Wort oil after my shower. Smells beautiful and aids in boosting my immune system. I also put it on my children if they feel a little under the weather as a boost and pick-me-up. Rachel’s passion for well being is infectious (in a good way!), and I enjoy reading all the information she shares. She is also available to answer any questions you have from her vast knowledge. I’m so please I found this website.

    • Rachel Wild

      Hi Melanie, thanks so much for your fantastic feedback. I’m so glad you like Thieves Oil 2020. It’s so, so supportive of our health, and as you say… it smells amazing… I’m really glad you love the aroma. I do too. One word of caution to everyone though… It’s important to be careful around using this oil on children, so it’s vital that everyone reads the contraindications and cautions before using it. x x x

  5. karen garnier (verified owner)

    I found this oil to be very calming. I suffer from IBS and anxiety and stress this has helped a lot just a small drop on my Vegas Nerve when I go to sleep or my wrists for me. I don’t need a lot so it’s goes along way
    Don’t hesitate to buy this wonderful oil, you won’t regret it.

    • Rachel Wild

      Hi Karen, thanks so much for your feedback. I’m so glad Thieves Oil is helping so much with your IBS, anxiety and stress. Thieves Oil 2020 can also be rubbed into our belly if we are suffering discomfort. It will really help alleviate it. x x x

  6. Jessica (verified owner)

    I was recommended Wild as the Wind by a lovely friend after my son got Covid-19 and I am so glad that she did! Rachel has been amazing in her advice and I got a very quick response and rapid delivery. The Thieves oil that was recommended smells amazing and I am using it daily both on my son and myself. He is definitely on the mend now but Thieves is something that I am going to continue to use to help boost our immune systems. Lovely product and a lovely company. Will definitely be back for more oils and advice in the future!

    • Rachel Wild

      Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your feedback. I’m so pleased you are enjoying using Thieves Oil 2020 and that it is helping so much with your son’s recovery. I really appreciate you letting me know that he is on the mend! x x x

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