Shilajit Powder


Shilajit is a complex mineral substance, derived from natural deposits found in mountainous regions around the world. It is extremely highly regarded in Eastern healing traditions, almost being seen as a panacea. It is excellent for digestive health, improving stamina, hormonal support and improving brain function… amongst many other benefits…

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Shilajit Powder

Wild As The Wind Shilajit Powder is revitalising, and energy boosting. It acts as a much-needed tonic for the whole body.

More specifically, Shilajit Powder supports digestive health at a profound level, whilst also delivering benefits to our heart and brain. It is diversely mineral-rich, thereby positively influencing all the major functions of the body.

Shilajit is a detoxification agent, and should be used with a binding agent, to neutralise mobilised toxins.

You may want to use Shilajit in conjunction with:

You may also wish to use Shilajit with other detoxifying agents, such as SP Detox Essential Oil Blend.

What Is Shilajit?

Shilajit is an ancient, naturally occurring substance. It is formed by the decomposition of plant and animal matter, and is infused with rock minerals.

Shilajit has been used medicinally for centuries, chiefly in the Indian healing tradition, known as Ayurveda.

According to Dr. Anuja Bodhare

It is a blackish-brown powder or exudate obtained from high mountain rocks in the Himalayan mountains between India and Nepal. It is also found in Afghanistan, Tibet, Russia, and north Chile. Shilajit is composed of humins, humic acid and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is the major component that accounts for 60 to 80% of its nutraceutical components. Other components present in Shilajit are fatty acids, resins, albumins, polyphenols, phenolic lipids, triterpenes, sterols, aromatic carboxylic acids, coumarins, latex, gums and amino acids. Shilajit also contains more than 84 minerals, including silver, copper, zinc and iron.

Shilajit is an important traditional medicine, listed in the Ayurvedic Materia medica, which is extensively used by Ayurvedic doctors for managing a range of diseases.

Shilajit is also becoming tremendously popular in the West. According to Dr. David Jockers:

Bioactive carbons are organic compounds derived from deep within the Earth’s soil. They are very small particles, 100 times smaller than the cells of our body and they carry nutrients in and out of cells. In addition, they also carry a specific electrical charge that impacts the energetic components of the cell.

There are two different plant-based acids that are bioactive carbons: fulvic and humic acid. Due to the small size and electrical charge of the bioactive carbons they are one of the best defenses against viral pathogens. They can get into cells and pull viruses out and bring them through the drainage channels of the body

Shilajit Powder Background

The botanical name for Shilajit is Asphaltum punjabianum, but it is known by many other names around the world:

  • Brag-shun or Barakhshin (meaning: “oil of the mountains” in South Siberian region of the Sayano-Altai Mountains, Khakassia, Buryatia, & Mongolia)
  • Moomio
  • Mumie (in German)
  • Mumijo or Mummiyo & Mumiyo (in Russian)
  • Salajit
  • Shilajatu
  • Mimie
  • μούμια (in Greek)
  • Rock sap or Rock juice (in Tibet, Central Asia, Himalaya, Pamir & Altai)
  • Marathi or Gujarati (in Hindi)
  • Asphalt (in English)
  • Silajita & Silajatu (in Bengali)
  • Hajarul-Musa or Araq-al-jibal (in Arabic)
  • Myemu, Moomiaii or Mumnaei (in Persian)
  • Mineral Pitch, Jew’s Pitch, Mineral Wax, Kao-tun (blood of the mountain in Burma)
  • Tasmay & Slag (China)
  • “Blessing of Nature” (Nepal)

It is interesting that we English have the least romantic name for this incredibly healthful substance, whilst the Nepalese have the most romantic, and imaginative name for it! The Burmese have the most descriptive name, “blood of the mountain”, which is the most suggestive of its potential use.

In the Ayurveda tradition, Shilajit is regarded as the most potent anti-ageing and rejuvenating compound found in nature. It is unsurprising, then, that the name Shilajit directly translates from Sanskrit as ‘invincible rock’.

Shilajit Health Benefits

The Ayurvedic Materia medica states that Shilajit health benefits are: anti-inflammatory + antioxidant + memory-enhancing + anti-Alzheimer + blood sugar-lowering + anti-asthmatic + anti-tumour + anti-seizure + supports heart, kidney & liver health + beneficial to digestive function.

Research, and in-depth analysis, have shown that Shilajit contains triterpenes, fulvic acid and humic acids along with 85 different minerals & vitamins. These constituents are preserved in their ionic form, meaning that when Shilajit is consumed it is readily available, in its most active state, for use within the body.

Shilajit health benefits are thought to include:

  • Supports healthy digestive function, especially through delivering active carbons to the digestive track
  • Reduces stress
  • Hormone regulation
  • Aids detoxification
  • Revitalising
  • Improves hydration
  • Supports & improves brain health
  • Antiviral & antibacterial
  • Supports immune system regulation
  • Alleviates the pain response
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Supports healthy blood
  • Supports heart health

Shilajit For Detoxification

Shilajit, by its very nature is a detoxification agent. This is simply because, when we feed the body the minerals and nutrients it needs, it replaces the substitutes the body is clinging on to, due to an absence of the minerals and nutrients in our diet.

For example: Iodine is a halide. But there are many other elements which are halides, including toxic heavy metals. Aluminium is, for example, a heavy metal within the halide group.

Iodine is vitally important for thyroid health, and for the proper fuinctioning of our body. However, it is difficult to obtain sufficient Iodine through our diets, as most of our foods do not contain Iodine. (The seaweed used in Sushi, is one exception.)

Sadly, owing to environmental pollution, and some medical interventions, such as injections, many of us are more exposed to Aluminium, than we are to Iodine.

Aluminium is very toxic to humans and animals, and is implicated in neurodegenerative disorders, such as, Early Onset Dimentia, etc.

In the absense of Iodine in our diets, our bodies will hang on to other halides, including Aluminium, until these toxic elements are replaced by the nutrients we need.

Shilajit is, in many respects, an ideal way of providing our bodies with many of the trace minerals and other elements that are largely missing from our diet.

The detoxification process initiated by Shilajit is complex.

Shilajit posesses an electrical charge which attracts heavy metals, thus encouraging the body to release these metalic compounds back out into our digestive tract.

And, due to the mineral content of Shilajit, this means that the body is more able to utilise the minerals delivered by the Shilajit, once the heavy metals have been moved out of the way.

However, it is critically important to neutralise the heavy metals so that they may be safely excreted by the body. This is why using a binding agent, like the clays, and other natural binders, mentioned in the introduction, is so important when using Shilajit.

Nevertheless, as with all detoxification protocols, the advice is always to do things slowly. This is because a dramatic change in the body can produce some undesired side effects.

For example, it is common for people to develop headaches after giving up drinking coffee, after years of coffee indulgence. This is because the toxins finally have a chance to be mobilised, (and hopefully excreted), resulting in headaches and other symptoms.

It is important for you to do your own research around the subject of detoxification. We are all different, and ultimately, you will always be the best judge of what your body needs.

Everything you read on the subject of detoxification will likely suggest a slow and steady approach, to avoid any unpleasant side effects.

And, this is certainly the advice being offered here. Please see the suggested use section below.

If in any doubt about your approach, please consult with your certified healthcare provider before embarking on a detoxification regime.

Wild As The Wind Shilajit

This Wild As The Wind Shilajit Powder is sourced from India, and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is free from contaminants. It is also tested for heavy metals.

This level of testing is not obligatory, and is thus not carried out by many other suppliers.

Please Note: Impure Shilajit may contain heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic. Improperly processed and tested Shilajit products may also contain mycotoxins, polymeric quinones, and free radicals, which can pose potential health risks.

Ingredients: Shilajit ≥80%, maltodextrin (to prevent caking) ≤20%.

Country of Origin: India

Packed on premises that handle nuts & seeds.

Allergens :: Free From: Peanut, Peanut Oil, Tree nuts, Sesame Seeds, Milk & Derivatives, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Soya, Wheat & Gluten, Sulfites.

GMO Free

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information Per 100g

Energy KJ – 1430KJ
Energy Kcal – 339Kcal
Total Carbohydrates – 68.71g
Of Which Sugar – 4.16g
Protein – 5.31g
Total Fat – 1.91g
Of Which Saturates – 1.42g
Dietary Fiber – 12.64g
Sodium – 0.081g

A half teaspoon of Shilajit Powder approximately contains:

3 calories
5.4 mg Iron (for blood health)
40 mg Calcium (for bone health)
2.8 mg Selenium (for thyroid health)
0.45 mg Zinc (antiviral, & supports immune function, etc.)

Suggested Dosage

Begin by taking 300mg of Shilajit per day. This is equivalent to 1/8th of a teaspoon.

As Shilajit carries an energetic charge, it is important to avoid using a metal spoon to scooping it into your glass. Only use a wooden or bone spoon, or scoop. Or, if you don’t have these, then a plastic spoon will suffice.

This may be taken at any time during the day, but it must always be accompanied by a glass of filtered water.

It is also important to use Shilajit in conjunction with a binder, to neutralise the toxins that the Shilajit Powder is liable to liberate from your system. Using binders will help to minimise any unwanted detox symptoms.

Fruit pectin, Psyllium Husk and Zeolite Clay are all helpful binding agents for this purpose. Using a combination of these, and other binders, is advised. But, please do your own research with regards the best binding agents for your personal purposes.

It is possible to purchase Zeolite Clay and Psyllium Husk from the Wild As The Wind Online Shop.

If well tolerated, you can increase your intake by a further 100mg of Shilajit Powder, within a few days

Occasionally, people have a detoxification reaction to Shilajit Powder. This is especially true if Shilajit Powder is used without a binder.

If you experience a rash, headache or other reaction, then these symptoms are likely to be the consequence of activating your detoxification process too quickly.

Using fruit pectin, Psyllium Husk, Zeolite Clay, or any other binding agents will significantly reduce any likelihood of detox reactions.

Work up to a maximum dose of 500mg per day. This is equivalent to c. 1/5th teaspoon.

An average dose of Shilajit Powder ranges from 300mg to 500mg daily.

However, as mentioned above, it is best to aprroach remineralisation and detoxification as a gradual process. For this reason, you may only want to use your Shilajit every third day, or so. Or, you may wish to take it for a few days and then take a week or two off? Again, please do your own research to establish the best approach for you personally.

Cautions & Contraindications

Reduce or temporarily stop your Shilajit intake if you experience any unwanted detoxification side effects, and increase your water consumption. *Always use filtered water.

Shilajit is a compound containing many minerals, so it is important to calibrate the amount of Shilajit Powder you take in accordance with any other supplements you are taking. This is especially true if you are taking supplements containing minerals, such as a good Multivitamin.

It is very highly recommended that you stop taking any other mineral supplements when using Shilajit Powder.

It is particularly important to avoid exceeding the standard daily allowance of Iron. Too much Iron in the system, especially in the brain, will have detrimental effects on your health, over time.

DO NOT supplement with Iron tablets, or multivitamins containing Iron whilst using Shilajit.

The Iron content of this Shilajit Powder is 202mg/kg.

Chronic Iron overdosing can pose serious health threats, including:

  • Reduced brain function, potentially leading to early onset dementia
  • Liver failure
  • Vomit showing signs of blood
  • Diarrhoea
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Loss of skin colour & shock

It is important for those using Organic Nigella Sativa Oil to note the following interaction:

When Organic Nigella Sativa Oil interacts with iron, it makes the iron more bioavailable to our bodies, which will result in increased iron levels. This is an ideal outcome for those with varying degrees of anaemia, but not good if your iron levels are normal at the outset.

Please consult your physician, prior to use, if you have any concerns.

Impure Shilajit may contain heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic. Improperly processed and tested Shilajit products may also contain mycotoxins, polymeric quinones, and free radicals, which can pose potential health risks.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the use of Shilajit due to insufficient safety data.

To also be avoided by small children & the elderly due to insufficient safety data.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that Shilajit interacts with pharmaceutical drugs. However, please do not assume that, due to a lack of safety data, Shilajit Powder is free from all interactions. Please consult your healthcare provider before purchase, if you have any concerns.

*Please note, the main reason why there is insufficient safety data, pertaining to certain potential user groups, is because Shilajit Powder is a naturally occurring substance, and cannot be patented. This means there are no commercial imperatives to conduct such research.

However, there are centuries-worth of anecdotal results which indicate the safe usage of Shilajit. Please do your own research.

Wild As The Wind cannot accept liability for any adverse reactions to the use of this Shilajit Powder product. You should only use this Shilajit Powder after conducting your own research and consulting with your physician.

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