Sarakan Toothpaste

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Sarakan Toothpaste is exceptional. It’s free from nasty ingredients, tastes amazing, cleans brilliantly, & is suitable for vegans & children… and adults too… [50ml]



Sarakan Toothpaste

Wild As The Wind is delighted to be stocking Sarakan Toothpaste. It is mild, but deeply effective, with a very pleasant taste. It really is an excellent choice for daily dental care.

Sarakan Toothpaste is the all-time favourite toothpaste of Rachel Wild.

I find minty toothpastes too flavoursome, and I resist cleaning my teeth when I know a mint explosion awaits me. My taste buds are just too sensitive for such extreme sensory assaults. I feel the same way about Clove toothpaste, (but, I’m never more grateful for Organic Clove Leaf Essential Oil when I have a toothache!) Thankfully, this has been a rare event in my life, and I am always happy to restore my Clove Oil to my medicine chest the moment the pain has eased. The day I discovered Sarakan Toothpaste my dental hygiene woes were over! I absolutely love the taste of this mild and uniquely flavoured toothpaste! And, I love how smooth my teeth feel after they are cleaned.)

Sarakan Toothpaste For Children

Because Sarakan Toothpaste is so mild, with a sweet pleasant taste, despite being sugarless, it is the ideal off-the-shelf toothpaste for children.

It doesn’t contain any nasty, artificial ingredients, so it is completely safe for children.

Sarakan Toothpaste For The Family

Sarakan Toothpaste is just as ideal for adults as it is for children.

Sarakan Toothpaste For Vegetarians & Vegans

Sarakan dental care is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Why Sarakan Toothpaste Works So Well

Sarakan Toothpaste contains a natural extract from the Salvadora persica tree, which is renowned for its powerful antiseptic and other beneficial properties.

The Salvadora persica tree, native to the Middle East, Africa and Asia, is also known as the toothbrush tree. This is because twigs from the Salvadora persica tree have been used to clean teeth and gums for centuries.

Sarakan Toothpaste is unique in adopting the valuable, natural extract from the Salvadora persica tree in toothpaste form to help clean, freshen and restore the natural colour of teeth. Being a potent antiseptic it keeps gums healthy too.

Sarakan Toothpaste Is Natural

Sarakan Toothpaste does NOT contain any of the following:

  • Fluoride
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate (foaming agent)
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Sugar
  • Parabens
  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Animal-derived ingredients.

Naturally Flavoured With Essential Oils

Sarakan Toothpaste is brilliantly and delicately flavoured with the following natural essential oils:

  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil

Despite containing Peppermint Essential Oil and Clove Essential Oil, which can often be overwhelming, the makers of Sarakan Toothpaste have struck a delicate balance with the formulation of this excellent toothpaste.

Peppermint Essential Oil and Clove Essential Oil are both excellent for dental care.

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  1. Kate (verified owner)

    Best toothpaste ever! Sorted out my teeth and gums after years of damage by harsh toothpastes. Gentle and doesn’t damage the natural micro flora in the mouth- just as important as our gut health! Plus no nasty fluoride. The only toothpaste my autistic daughter and I will use. I hope it comes back in stock! X

    • Rachel Wild

      Thanks so much Kate. I heartily agree with all that you say! x x x

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