30ml Amber Glass Bottle With Tamper Evident Pipette


This 30ml premium quality, protective bottle & pipette from Wild As The Wind is the most convenient size for most applications…


30ml Amber Glass Bottle With Tamper Evident Pipette

This empty 30ml amber glass dropper bottle with clear glass pipette is a premium quality bottle, made from pure amber glass. It is not simply sprayed with a synthetic polymer, or plastic, to produce an amber coloured coating. Many inferior bottles are made in this way, and are a poor investment, as they often depreciate in quality very quickly.

Amber Glass Dropper Bottles

Amber glass bottles, that are made with 100% amber glass, can be easily sterilised and reused indefinitely. However, glass is brittle, and susceptible to chipping and breakage, so this bottle should always be handled with care if you intend it to last you for many years.

Amber glass bottles offer the highest protection against UV light when compared to all other coloured glass bottles.

The significant reduction in UV light, provided by amber glass bottles, helps to prevent the oxidisation of the contents.

Nevertheless, amber glass bottles on their own will not completely prevent oxidisation. The bottles must also be sealed tightly, and stored in a cool, dark place for optimum protection of the contents.

Tamper Evident Pipette

This 30ml amber glass bottle comes with a tamper evident glass pipette, which is ideal for dispensing water and oil based solutions.

Wild As The Wind Facial Oils, and pre-blended oil products, often come in 30ml amber glass bottles with a tamper evident pipette.

30ml Amber Glass Bottles

The 30ml bottle size is ideal for most applications. It is the most popular option for Wild As The Wind facial oils, which also come in three other sizes.

30ml bottles are also the best sized amber glass bottle to use for storing diluted Bach Flower Essences.

Before Using Your Amber Glass Bottle With Tamper Evident Pipette

You will need to sterilise this bottle and tamper evident glass pipette before use.

The best and easiest ways of doing this are:

UV light box

Simply place the pipette and bottle in your UV sterilisation unit, and run the blue light for a minimum of 30 minutes. Remove and allow to cool if slightly warm. Fill your bottle with your intended contents as soon as the bottle has cooled to room temperature, or below. Do not cool your bottle in the fridge.

In the oven

Dismantle the pipette, removing the rubber and plastic parts, and place the glass part of the pipette, along with the amber glass bottle, onto a clean, flat baking tray.

Place in a preheated oven, at 1600 C, and leave for at least 15 minutes.

Remove, and allow to cool completely, in a dust and contaminant-free space.

Fill your bottle with your intended contents as soon as the bottle has cooled to room temperature, or below. Do not cool your bottle in the fridge.

Using Your Amber Glass Bottle & Tamper Evident Pipette

Always protect your bottle from breakages, especially in transit. Cushion it with a soft material to avoid hard impacts when in your handbag or pocket. (Please note, most contents will overheat if kept in your pocket for any length of time.)

Always keep your bottle upright, even in transit. The rubber section of the pipette should be kept clear of pressure from other objects. If the rubber portion of the pipette is depressed for any length of time, the bottle will not be airtight, and oxidisation of the contents may occur. This can also lead to spillages whilst in transit.

Never touch your skin with the tip of the pipette to avoid contamination.

Always replace the pipette immediately after use, and close it firmly.

Never rest the pipette down on any surface.

Buy Bottles With Glass Pipettes Online

Wild As The Wind currently only offers this 30ml amber glass bottle for purchase online.

More bottle sizes with different closures will be made available in time.

Wild As The Wind also currently offer a 10ml amber glass roller ball bottle, for the easiest application of pre-diluted oils on pulse points and Vagal points.


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